The Libbie Club October Box Featuring Nude, Bourjois and Maddi Alexander

Every month The Libbie Club sends me a box with new goodies with special offers for you, yes that is right… offers just for you.

This months again, is another fabulous box with a gorgeous cleanser from Nude, beautiful blush from Bourjois and a wonderful sleep spray from Maddi Alexander.

The first product I will talk about is the Nude Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly.

I love cleansers, I have to admit I have loads, but I do not have one anything like this at all, which surprises me given my vast collection.

This cleanser is great, I love the sleek design of the packaging and it’s easy to squeeze out as much product as I need.

The cleanser is quite sticky at first, but easy to spread across my face.
The scent is lovely, it’s light and smells exactly like royal jelly. But it’s not a strong scent at all.

Once the warm water hits, it turns into a milky cleanser which feels so indulgent on the skin.

Rinsing off is super easy as it does turn into a milky watery cleanser so it doesn’t stay sticky and oh it feels so silky.

Once rinsed off, my skin felt really soft, looked cleansed and I have to say, there was no residue left either.

I was very impressed at this cleanser as sometimes they can make my skin feel tight, but this was far from that. It felt so nourished and moisturised and this is before I even popped my moisturiser on.

So, all in all it is a great cleanser and I was very happy with this.

You can purchase from Libbie Club with the fabulous offer of a free rescue oil with the purchase.

Libbie Club Offers

Next is the fabulous Maddi Alexander Serene Pillow Spray

Sprays are literally a staple in my home. I have them for all sorts, sleep sprays for myself, the children, awakening sprays for work and scents for the home.

I am a little scent queen, I love scents so much.

So this scent, well let’s start with the bottle.

I mean look at it, it’s just beautiful. Something that looks amazing on my bedside table.

It looks luxurious, it looks desirable and it looks like something you would use with a smile on your face.

The spray mist is really fine so it does not soak your pillow, which for me is a must. Nothing worse than a damp pillow!

So the scent is so calming and relaxing. It’s light, it’s powerful but not strongly scented.

The lavender is really strong is this spray, in comparison to the other oils. But it doesn’t smell bitter at all which sometimes sleep sprays can be, this is very mellow and light.

So some of you may know I do have issues falling asleep so when I tried this, I didn’t have high hopes. But I will be honest, it really did help me relax and drift off quicker than usual.

I managed to get a full nights sleep without awakening and woke up feeling perkier than usual.

I also use it when I feel anxious, a quick spritz and I feel calm, anxiety leaves and I can concentrate on what I am doing.

So not only for sleep I used it for panic attacks, anxiety and those moments where I really needed something to relax me in those situations.

I am quite in love with this spray, it is certainly by far the best I have used.

So if you purchase this wonderful spray, you also get a bath oil with your order, I mean, come on… free shipping too?

Libbie Club Offers

Then finally the last product is the Bourjois Aqua Blush which is a beautiful creamy liquid blush.

I have never used a liquid/cream blush before so this was totally new to me.
I was actually a little scared to use it because in all honesty, being a newbie at these types of blush… I had no idea how to use it.

But woe betide, I was giving it a go!

You only need one squirt for both cheeks and it’s so easy to blend!

The colour I have is berry nice which is just the perfect colour. I do love pinks and don’t wear many other colours on my cheeks.

I popped a blob on the back of my hand and used a brush to blend it on my cheeks.

I was a little worried that it might pull off my foundation but it did not.

It’s just the perfect colour and it’s buildable so you can have a small amount of colour or you can build it up and make your cheeks pop!

I also use it when I have no make up on so I have a bit of colour on my cheeks.

So it’s a beautiful buildable colour that does leave your cheeks looking flushed and beautiful.

You can even pop it on your lips for a bit of colour under your balm.

If you purchase the Aqua Blush you get a free colour boost lip crayon, how fab is that?

Libbie Club Offers

So again, another fabulous box this month and some truly amazing offers which you can not pass up on!

Go have a look because at the moment, you can grab a Magnitone Lucid for £35! Be quick, they won’t be there for long as selling quick! *Go to page 6 for the Magnitone

Libbie Club Offers

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