The Libbie Club September Box Featuring Caudalie, Teeez and Mio

This Month’s Libbie Box is another fabulous box.

I was very excited to see I had received the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask, Teeez Desert Metals Mascara and Mio The Activist Firming Active Body Oil.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

A detox mask that deeply cleanses and minimises pores that purifies stressed skin.

This mask I have to say is worth it’s weight in gold.

It’s a very easy to use mask and only need to leave it on for 5-10 minutes.

As you only need a thin layer, you can get an awful lot of uses out of it so in effect, it is worth the money.

It’s a pink/terracotta colour and dries to a lighter shade.

The scent is almost grape like with a hint of fruit. With a sweet scent of sherbet.
It’s neither a relaxing nor an invigorating scent, just something that I would happily leave on my face and enjoy the aroma.

It dries like a clay mask and does tighten your skin but feels comfortable. It doesn’t crack either so retains the texture on the face.

Rinsing off is easy, it doesn’t stain the face like some masks can.

Once rinsed off, my face feels beautifully soft, looks clearer and redness has died down.

It’s a mask I would regularly use and also purchase.

All in all, this is a fantastic addition to my skincare regime and give it 10/10

You can purchase this wonderful mask from The Libbie Club with 20% off and free delivery. What a bargain for just £17.60 for 75ml.

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Teeez Desert Metals Mascara

I have heard about Teez before so was happy to see I received one of their mascaras.

I had seen previous reviews on this so it was something I was curious about.

The colour I have is in black.

It’s smudge proof, it really is! I put it to the test by wearing it today and it’s very windy. I was worried my eyes would water (as they did) but there was no mascara running down my cheeks.

It doesn’t clump when applying and leaves lashes looking thick and long.

The colour is great, really dark like how I like my mascara.

There is volume and length with the first swipe along my lashes, but I am a builder. I do wear 3-4 coats of mascara sometimes just to get the length and thickness I am looking for.

However, I only needed 2 coats with this mascara. So saved me time and money (Not going through mascaras as quickly as usual)

I will say, since using this mascara, my lashes have seemed to be in much better condition. They look healthier and they seem to be thicker, maybe they are not falling out as fast.

All in all, a fabulous mascara and worth the money!

You can grab yourself this fabulous mascara from The Libbie Club with 25% off which makes this gorgeous mascara just £12.75 (Price of a high street mascara, near enough!)

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Mio The Activist Firming Active Body Oil

I have awful cellulite ridden, slack-skinned and truly shocking thighs and legs.

It’s a known fact I NEVER show my legs in public, ever!

I am a firm believer in tights and leggings. (Praise the leggings!!)

This oil caught my eye because if anything can help just a tiny bit, I would be more than impressed.

So this oil is packed with omegas, anti-oxidants and vitamins.

It works on stressed skin like mine, giving bounce and firmness, something I need bucket loads!

It’s a clear, thin oil that does not leave the skin feeling oily or slick. It’s perfect for any time of the day and absorbs rapidly leaving skin smooth and soft.

The scent is vibrant, a little grassy, a touch citrusy. Doesn’t linger for too long if I am honest.

After one application, I noticed no difference in firmness but my skin was smoother and felt lovely.

After 1 week I did notice my thighs were not as slack as usual, my skin does appear to be tighter somewhat. Not as bumpy and cellulite does not look so in your face, it seems to be calming.

It hasn’t done anything for my thread veins but my legs look more healthy and less fatigued.

No dryness what so ever.

You only need a little as a little does go a long way so this bottle will last you ages!

I will keep updating and show pics in a month with a further post with this oil, I believe it will do well. (Working on the stretch mark area now too!)

You can grab this wonderful oil from The Libbie Club with 20% off PLUS a free exfoliator! I mean, come on what a bargain!

Libbie Club Offers

So all in all, these are fab products,

Every month there are new items added so keep checking back for more fabulous offers, also previous offers are still available for purchase.

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*I received these products to review. The link does not provide monetary value for myself as it is not an affiliate link. However it does give me points for ranking per purchase and ensures I receive the next box.

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