The Libbie Club January Box Featuring Maddi Alexander, Eye of Horus, DHC

The Libbie Club Box for January has arrived, as usual I was sent this box to review in my own words, giving my honest and thoughtful reviews.

The Libbie Club January Box Featuring Maddi Alexander Rose Bath Soaking Salts, Eye of Horus Sahara Nude Goddess Pencil, DHC Cleansing Oil

So what did I think of this box? Well it opened my eyes (No pun intended) to new products I never thought of using.

The most eclectic box of products yet and each one has a great use, or maybe 3.

The first product I decided to try is the Eye of Horus Sahara Nude Goddess Eye Pencil.

The Libbie Club January Box Featuring Eye Of Horus Sahara Nude Goddess Pencil

Admittedly, when I first opened this I assumed it was a nude lip pencil… I know right? Face palm! Then I noticed the blendy end, I was like eh so this is for what? Do you blend lip pencils?
I had all these mad ideas of what this little foam end was for…

Then I decided to read the box and realised… Nude EYELINER!

Nude eyeliner?! NUDE? What is this debauchery?

The Libbie Club January Box Featuring Eye Of Horus Sahara Nude Goddess Pencil

So I glide along my eyes and I am delighted at how soft this pencil is, no dragging or tugging which sometimes happens, especially when my eyes are rather dry.

I take a peek in the mirror at my peepers and gander at just how awake my eyes are looking. They look wider and it accentuates my green eyes.

I used to use black eye liner many years ago however I stopped because they made my eyes look really small. Or tired… and when it ran or smudged, nightmare.
T’was not a pretty sight that is for sure.

I am pretty darn impressed with how effective this little liner of joy is.

And if it smudges, well who cares? It’s nude, you can’t see it!

You can order from *The Libbie Club, a reputable stockist
If you purchase this beauty, you also get a Scarab Sapphire Goddess Pencil too (It’s gorgeous!)

A bath is no longer a bath anymore without the Maddi Alexander Rose Soaking Salts.

Maddi Alexander Rose Soaking Salts

I expected to have a slightly smelling salt in there but oh no, I opened it and the air was filled with love, hope, joy, calm, relaxation and many more words I can not describe,

I didn’t look inside, just shook some out into the bath and basked in the fragrance which to me was strong, but how I expect fragrant salts to smell. Not overpowering though.

I feel that usually, salts don’t have a strong scent and this upsets me greatly. I like strong scented products.

Maddi Alexander Rose Soaking Salts

I watched delicate rose petals swirl around in the bath, along with glistening rocks of salt. The salt quickly dissolved and left with a rose infused bath that was heaven.

What I really liked about these salts is, the oils clung to my skin and left my skin so nourished and smooth. I had no need to apply a moisturiser on either.

I did not expect the oils in the water to be fair, as I imagined the salt would cling together from them but I was wrong.

After a hard day’s work, there is nothing like a hot bath with scented candles. A good relaxing scent to make me calm, destress and ready for a new day tomorrow.
It really helped me get a peaceful night sleep too.

Maddi Alexander Rose Soaking Salts in the bath

When I read more about the salts, I noticed they were epsom salts. Now it is rare you see epsom salts in bath products and the reason I was amazed is because they have many properties that help, especially in my case with Fibromyalgia.

The serene soaking salts also sound lush so I will be looking into purchasing those next.

You can purchase these extraordinary salts from *The Libbie Club, a reputable stockist.
When you purchase the salts, you also receive a free Bath Oil

Finally, one product I have tried and tried again is the DHC Cleansing Oil.

DHC Cleansing Oil

Now, I have only ever had the 30ml sample sizes so was happy when I received the full sized version.

Before using DHC, I had never used a cleansing oil before. This was new to me.
I didn’t know how much to use, how little to use and I found I need 7-8 drops to cover my entire face.

The only let down is I need to apply it 2-3 times when taking off make-up. It does not get rid of everything with one use.

But it does cleanse very well, even gets rid of my stubborn mascara (I use waterproof most days)

It’s a gentle, deeply cleansing and ultra nourishing cleanser that leaves my face so soft and smooth.

It’s especially great for dry skin as it moisturises and helps gently buff off with my cloth.

I noticed also it helps with redness, my face doesn’t look as red as it usually does, it looks more flawless which is a massive bonus as I have terrible skin.

When you add water, it turns milky and turns the oil into a milky formula that doesn’t leave your face greasy, but it does leave your face so nourished that you can get away with a light moisturiser and no need for an oil or balm after.

I also leave it on for 5 minutes once a week for a deep cleanse and it helps annihilate the terrible dryness I have, then just add water, massage in and rinse off.

You can purchase this oil from *The Libbie Club, a reputable stockist.
When you purchase, you also get a free 30ml travel size bottle for when you are off on your jollies.

Let me know what you think of these products and have you tried them yet?

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