Unicorn Cosmetics Ice Fyre Dragon Lashes

Admittedly lashes I have only really gotten into the last year or so for many reasons. I hadn’t realised there was so many brands and styles out there so when I came across Unicorn Cosmetics Ice Fyre Dragon Lashes – I just had to write about them and you will see why.

Regarding lashes – well the reasons I never really wore them much before was because they were so uncomfortable. We’re going back years when I tried them and they were so ill fitted. I really couldn’t keep them on all day or night.

Really got annoyed wearing them but little did I know they changed so much over the years. So many brands coming out are dedicated to lashes with such an array of styles.

Lash glue has of course improved so much over the years and now your lashes stay put but comfortable to wear all day long.

Application is generally easier these days also. I don’t know whether it’s me or just the lashes performing much better and easier to apply.

Unicorn Lashes were a brand I had seen on social media briefly but they certainly caught my eye and will go into this further below.

Well – I suppose I better get into the review hey?

Unicorn Cosmetics Ice Fyre Dragon Lashes – The Packaging

Unicorn Cosmetics Ice Fyre Dragon Lashes are from a line of the ‘Dragon’ lash series and these are absolutely my style.

Firstly the packaging by the way is amazing, a beautiful dragon emblazoning the right side of the box. Then going across the top in a holographic detail.

The design is very intricate and can see great care was taken into the packaging, which I may add is beautiful.

A window shows the lashes off which you can see really well.

Inside is a cardboard box with no top or lid on to keep the packaging inside from moving around. You just push this out and has the lashes inside.

Lashes are contained in a plastic box and the top slides off which is very easy access and keeps your lashes safe. I was actually surprised they came in a plastic box as generally they come in cardboard only and your lashes end up everywhere. Pet Peeve of mine!

I like this as you can keep your lashes safe from bending and retain their shape but keeping them protected at the same time. Another pet peeve is losing an eye lash.

I am glad I have a box to store them in.

Right okay – I am a sucker for packaging and this is what struck out about this brand.

Unicorn Cosmetics Ice Fyre Dragon Lashes – The Product

Okay so reading the description of the lashes it advises these are ‘Unicorn 3D Vegan in style Ice Fyre’.

Of course being vegan they are very much ethical and this is something I like about this brand – more below.

Looking at the band it is quite thick which I like as they seem to hold on much better throughout the day for me personally. I find giving them a little bend to mold my eyes beforehand helped them stay in place all day long.

Admittedly I do own my own glue and have a firm favourite that I use all the time.

To be fair – I have more than enough glue so this was not an issue for me at all.

The lash itself is very long and they are shaped so well that they look amazing when wearing them and more natural than anticipated.

Quite a thick bush of lashes which I like but not so much they they hide your perfectly presented eyeshadow.

I didn’t find them particularly heavy when popping them on and after an hour I barely noticed I was wearing them.

Cleaning them after wearing was very easy, I was gentle with them to ensure they did not fall apart.

I reckon I can get plenty of wear out of these and looking at purchasing more styles in the future.

Unicorn Cosmetics Ice Fyre Dragon Lashes – Wear And Application

You know me – I had to discuss the application and wear.

Admittedly I do also have the lash applicator which made applying them so much easier.

Firstly I gave them a bit of a bend so I could get them into shape to fit my eye shape properly and sit on there for days (I wish, I do take my make up off you know!)

After I did a bit of bending, I popped on the lash glue and gave them a wave around to get tacky then I began the application test.

Super easy to hold with the applicator and they sat right on with no issues whatsoever.

Pressed down a couple of times and voila, I had super thick, voluminous and beautiful lashes that had a beautiful curl to them.

You don’t understand just how amazed I am at just how beautiful the lashes truly look. Well, floored!

Silly me – I pulled a little to see if I could get them to budge. Nope! These beauties are staying well put.

Right so I put them on in the morning before work. It has been hot lately so best time to try something is when it’s hot and I know it was going to be a busy day for me.

Suppose I really wanted to see how they wore through the day but also if I could wear them at work and can I handle wearing these when looking at a computer screen all day.

Okay admittedly – I wanted to see if anger would be prevalent and took them off.

Sat there working away and completely forgot I was wearing lashes. On my break I looked in the mirror and realised I still had them on.

By the end of my shift the happiness I felt because they stayed on. Enduring a day of working and heat is inspiring. Not one part budged from my eyelids at all.

Super comfortable and easy to remove, clean and store.

Unicorn Cosmetics – The Brand

I got really curious about the brand and started wandering around the website.

Admittedly the website is funky, fun and beautiful. Not everyone will like it but I really do!

Unicorn Cosmetics sells lashes, make up brushes and bits and bobs needed. Even some make up.

The brushes I have to admit are beautiful and something I want in my collection.

Reading the about us gives you a smile instantly as you feel like you are looking at yourself. Well, I am crazy, out there at times and feels like I am reading something I wrote.

I kid you not – it is real. Those warm feels when reading it and willing to throw my purse at my screen. Yup – This is my life – I do this all the time. ‘TAKE MY MONEY!’

One point I have to make is about the art work – this is absolutely incredible and I would genuinely pay for this alone.

This is a brand to watch out for and you just keep watching out for my reviews – Here is a new addiction!

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