Unicorn Cosmetics Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes Set

Brushes I have a plenty. From high end to budget – in an array of colors and styles. But I do not have a pretty set to show off in my gorgeous brush holders. Then along came my Unicorn Cosmetics Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes set.

I have to admit that I am obsessed with collecting brushes and have a random pot of my most used ones with others scattered elsewhere in other pots.

But my brushes are quite plain, either pink and rose gold, black and gold or white and gold. I don’t have anything like the Unicorn Cosmetics Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes Set.

So well… I guess you are waiting for the review aren’t you? Let’s get stuck in!

Unicorn Cosmetics Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes Set Packaging

You all know that I am obsessed with packaging – if the packaging is gorgeous then I have to have it.

Of course you can purchase these brushes with and without the packaging but knowing me – I had to get the packaging.

When I opened the box right away all I could see was a light mint green and silver that was throwing me rainbows in the sun.

So this is a diamond shaped case that is quite large, big enough to hold many brushes.

The light mint green lines the outside of the diamond shape of the brush set and also shaping the faucets of the diamond also to make it a more realistic, diamond looking shape.

Around the sides there is a large silver zip on black material with 2 zippers. I adore the detailing on the slider as it is of course – a unicorn.
It’s quite chunky so easy to hold and there is 2 of them so you can unzip from either side.

Opening the case is really easy but once you are inside you are greeted with a very nice surprise.

Inside is lilac which I really did not expect at all, I thought it would be mint green the same as the rest of the case.

There is an elastic band across the middle that holds 5 brushes at each side very securely.

Unicorn Cosmetics Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes Set Brushes

In this set there is 10 brushes that are 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes all with different uses.

I like that it literally has a whole set of brushes for all your needs and if you are like me – you tend to use the same brushes throughout application so do not need to use further.

The design and colour scheme is brilliant! Pearlescent white and multicolored handles that changes in the light with a unicorn shape ending in a point.

The bristles are multicoloured in very light pastel shades which really suits the handles so well.

Each brush is so soft but works really well as you can see below.

So from Left to Right they are:

Blending Is My Cardio – About This Brush

This is a very soft and beautiful blending brush. I tried this quite a number of times and loved using this for my transition shades. I like how this is not typically round and can even use this in my crease and it’s perfect for blending shades once on my lid.

Fleeky Brows – About This Brush

I adore a good stiff eyebrow brush and this one is absolutely divine. The tapered design is perfect for applying cream or powder products to my brows and the brush is quite fine enough to create a tail on the end of mt brows. Although it is thin it’s quite stuff but also soft at the same time.

Whisp Me Away – About This Brush

Big, beautiful and soft powder brushes I adore but find they are too dense and scratchy. However this brush is far from that, although it’s quite dense it is super soft and can apply powder to my face without it causing streaks across my face which some do. I can use it with an array of powders and works exceptionally well with them all. I even use this for my blush.

Chisel Cheeks – About This Brush

Such a soft but dense brush that is perfect for applying and blending contour to my face. Works well for both powder and cream bronzers but I prefer powder. Now the issue I have is brushes rubbing off my foundation however I found this one did not. I was very pleasantly surprised and love this so much.

Spot It – About This Brush

A very dense but super soft brush that you use to apply concealer. Admittedly I prefer not to use brushes as the ones I have don’t give me a thick enough coverage or it creates streaks and likes around my eyes. But this did not happen with this brush and it blended my concealer so well that I would consider no more beauty blender. I know – shocking!

Crease Proof – About This Brush

Okay so this is a much smaller version of the blending brush but just as great – this brush is wonderful for the crease and defining the eye area. I also use this for shadows on my lid too and great little blending brush.

Strobe Alert – About This Brush

Generally I prefer a rounder brush for applying my highlight however I instantly fell in love with this. So the reason I use a rounder brush is because I found that a lot of brushes create more texture. So when I used this I found there was no texture created on my cheeks as this is so super soft on my skin and feathery touch. But this works great on finer highlights but the chunkier ones like Jeffree Star I found it did not work so well. With the Mary Luminizer though it was blinding!

Buff Up – About This Brush

Again like the concealer brush I tend not to use brushes for applying my foundation as I found a lot of my brushes made it very streaky and prefer the finish a beauty blender gives me. I have to admit I was surprised how flawless my skin was when applying my foundation with a brush. Of course there are some foundations you have to avoid using bushes 100% but most I could use with this brush. It’s dense but super soft and gives me amazing coverage.

Bare Faced Blush – About This Brush

Okay of course I tend to use rounder brushes to apply my blush and never thought to use a tapered one before. This is not as dense however it applied my blush perfectly and did not pull off my foundation either. It is super soft and gentle on my skin. Effortless at blending my blush to my cheeks.

On Cloud Glitter – About This Brush

So this brush is designed to pack on glitter and colour to your lids. Admittedly I don’t actually wear glitter however I used this for my shimmers and foils for my lids. It’s soft but very dense so packs the shadows on perfectly. I really loved this brush.

Unicorn Cosmetics Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes Set Brushes Final Thoughts

Such a beautiful array of brushes to complete any make up look and they are all so soft and easy to use.

I also found they were very easy to clean and they did not stain even with using dark shades or reds.

Of course the packaging and style of the brushes is amazing!

So far they seem long lasting and I think I am going to get a lot of wear out of them.

I have to admit that the cost for this is really reasonable and I have paid more for terrible brushes so if you are looking for brushes to start with or even if you are a pro then I do highly recommend the Unicorn Cosmetics Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes Set.

Great price, amazing quality and absolutely adore them so much.

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