Mature Online Dating

Recently someone close to me has been looking for dating for over 40’s and over 50’s and thought I would talk more on my blog about Mature Online Dating.

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We sat there for a few hours talking about different sites to look at (This wasn’t for me, but I was the willpower needed to sign up to sites)

A lot of sites we found were more catered to the younger audience rather than mature adults which I can understand as it’s all about niche’s these days.

Of course I had to start using different terms for dating sites catering to a maturer audience. Alright so all the searches I tried previously was catered to a young audience, 20’s or 30’s so we had to refine the search some what.

Another thing I noticed was a lot of sites were more sex/porn orientated and was not for us either – this was really off putting. We just wanted a simple dating site.

One idea was to go through a dating agency where you get matched instead. However we did not want to be paying for something you can get for free. There are some free sites scattered around.

What I couldn’t fathom was how many sites were so unsuitable for our searching. I was quite shocked how many pron related websites popped up or want sex now type sites whereas this was more of a chat for a while, see where it goes and date rather than straight into bed.

If I was looking online I would have given up after half an hour of searching for a reliable, suited website for dating.

I was glad when eventually we found a few to try and test out but we noticed with a couple that seemed real were just bots or people getting paid to message. We tried a few things to see what would happen to ensure this was a real site. After so many messages you were requested for payment to continue payment.

Why did the internet get so needy with payments? I am glad there is sites out there that don’t request payment but some websites were just absurd or disgusting.

We will keep looking but good to know there is dating agencies, reliable websites our there and knowing people are not getting into situations you don’t ever think of anyone to be in.

Enjoy yourself. Be yourself and have as much fun as you can. You don’t have to go out with these people – you can simply just have a laugh with someone or have someone to talk to. Let your hair down, grab a coffee and wine and relax whilst enjoying some chatter online.

Just remember to always be safe though and never give your card details even for trails as they will sting you and cost a fortune! Free is the way to go! Never trust a sit asking card details.

Always remember not to give our personal details whatever you do online.

*This is a collaboration post.


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