Why Pay For Dating?

Why Pay For Dating – This is such a common question and something I actually agree with.

When looking at dating websites with people close to me it got me really thinking about whether there is actually a difference between paid for dating sites and free dating sites. So then I decided to get searching more.

I had found that there is websites where you pay around £1-£1.50 per message and these are actually a scam. They have people working for them instead and paid about 10p per message (Sometimes less) to reply to the messages that are being sent. Okay so this was more focused at males but still – it’s not a nice thing to think about.

Paying for a subscription to use a dating website is a waste of money. They again have bots to keep you using the website and it is rife of scammers. Yes I get scammers are on the free ones – but the worst offenders are on the paid sites as they presume people have ore money using these websites and can get more money than the average Joe/Jane.

There are masses of free to use websites – okay you can get bombarded with ads but I would rather see an ad than pay for online dating.

Call me tight fisted but I don’t see why I should pay for online dating when you can get masses of websites and apps for free.

At the moment online dating is such a saturated market as more and more people prefer to be at the comfort of their own hoe rather than going to the local pub for a drink and hope of meeting someone.

It’s easier, it’s comfortable and you can spend as long as you like getting to know someone before you decide to meet.

With the world becoming more and more online – we are an online generation – this means that so many things are becoming more accessible.

Not sure if anyone remembers – from the 80’s but the video tapes (I know, I am old!) of profiles of men and it;s something like from Surprise Surprise! You see a guy – I presume pay another fee and they set you up. I saw the videos on YouTube – they were funny!

Now it;s video profiles or heavily text based profiles full of information before you even say hello. Family pictures, pictures alone, hobbies, loves and loathes. Everything you can think about is already on a profile before you meet and there is no maximum contact either.

You can say as little or as a lot as you like. You can even create a little online persona if you don’t want it to go further – but don’t be a catfish! Be yourself but have a lot of fun in doing so.

Anyay – online dating has been the way forward for some time now and you really don’t need to pay for it. Get yourself on Google to find some decent – FREE – dating websites to use and have fun!

*This is a collaboration post

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