Summer Morning Skincare Routine

This summer has absolutely ruined my skin and caused dryness and tightness that started to really annoy me. I had to sort out my Summer Morning Skincare Routine and find products that really helped with this strong heat and humidity we have had currently.

I found 11 products that really helps my skin this summer including eyes and lips.

Of course I needed nourishing products but products that are not heavy at all and cleansed my skin and moisturised without feeling heavy.

With the heat I expected my skin to be very oily but this was not the case. Instead my skin dried out so badly and I had to ditch my usual routine as it wasn’t helping me and tried and tested some products I already have that I had used before.

So here are my 11 heroes this summer with my Summer Morning Skincare Routine

Summer Morning Skincare Routine

Trilogy Cream Cleanser

I have been using this Trilogy Cream Cleanser for some time and found it again when searching for a hydrating cleanser that was gentle and would give me some nourishment to my dry, parched skin.

I absolutely adore the scent of this and did recently repurchase the larger size as they now sell this in a 200ml pump bottle which I just had to get.

Trilogy are a favourite brand of mine and you will see I do use many of their products with 3 starring in my morning skincare routine.

This cleanser is thick and soaks into my skin, removing all dirt and yucky stuff from the night before.

Removing is very easy, I prefer to use a wash cloth in removing this but also can rinse off as it turns into a milky cleanser.

Scent wise this is beautiful, I love the scent of Rosehip and all the products I use of theirs has Rosehip and the scent is so calming and relaxing.

Gently cleansing my face and removing all traces of grime. But also relieving my skin from tightness and truly giving me some relief. I also found this helps so well tame my redness and uneven skin tone.

Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm

I have raved and loved the Herbfarmacy beauty balm for many years now. It is my favourite cleansing balm for many reasons.

Deeply cleansing but so gentle to my skin. Providing so much quench to my thirsty skin but also removes all traces of grime.

Admittedly I also use this to remove make up at night also as it’s so powerful but at the same time super gentle.

I love the scent of this product any time of the day.

So I have to admit I also use this as an ‘on the spot’ treatment for dry areas on my body as it nourishes the skin so well. You can use this as a cleanser or an over night treatment if your skin is severely parched.

I have had this in many skincare routines and also revirewed this separately as I just loved it that much.

Herbfarmacy is another brand I use all the time and will continue to use.

L’Odiates Gentle Polyphenol Exfoliator

L’Odiates is a new brand for me. I received this in last months Love Lula box and fallen right in love with it.

What is interesting is the L’Odiates gentle polyphenol exfoliator looks and smells like treacle, but runny.

So powerful at removing dead skin from my face from the tiny grains but it is really gentle and kind to the skin.

The formula provides an amazing barrier to the skin to avoid irritation and gently buffs away that dead skin.

Something I have been suffering is excess dead skin and this thoroughly removed it without any hassle.

A new brand for me that I will be looking into further for more products as they intrigue me.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Treatment Mask

A lot of the masks I have are drying or cleansing and I really needed one that was hydrating to my skin.

For a while I have been using this and repurchased since, also have a back up as it is just that good.

With a beautiful honey scent, it is so relaxing. The Antipodes Manuka Honey Treatment Mask is perfect for me.

I have to admit that this is one super hydrating mask and really helps ease the dry skin and provide super nourishment to my skin.

I have also used this as an over night mask for extra quench to my super dehydrated skin.

Very easy to apply, feels so comfortable when on and when I rinse this off it turns into a milky cleanser also which is great for another layer of cleansing.

I use this 3 times a week to keep my skin hydrated, plump and looking fabulous.

If you really need some hydration – I highly recommend this!

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner

My holy grain product is the Trilogy Mist toner that is not just in my Summer Morning Skincare Routine but also in my every day skincare routine regardless. I am now on like bottle 4 of this!

Every morning after cleansing I give my skin a good spritz of this and also use it throughout the day when I am feeling a bit hot and flustered and straight away I feel calm, soothed and my skin feels refreshed.

With a beautiful rosehip scent, this is so soothing an calming to me and my skin.

A great tip is keep a bottle in the fridge for the hot humid days and this will keep your skin hydrated and refreshed as well as cooling you down.

I have added this to my skincare routines many times and will keep doing so as I have not found a toner as good as this.

Straight away I feel the relief of the tightness of dry skin. Not many products that are a toner do this – in fact they are the opposite and tighten your skin. However this does not.

Absolutely highly recommend this!

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate

Another product that I have raved about previously and something I keep repurchasing for many reasons.

The Kiehl’s daily revising concentrate is a firm favourite because it intensely hydrates my skin as well as giving me a glow along with reducing the redness my skin loves to give me.

Scent though is Marmite, you love it or hate it and I absolutely love it. You can smell the ginger root which can be strong for people but I absolutely adore it. It is a really spicy scent but not over powering and dissipates in a couple of minutes.

With continual use this product will keep your skin supple, soft and deeply hydrated.

You would think this would be a heavy oil but actually it really isn’t. With a couple of drops your face is covered so a bottle of this lasts forever.

It’s right up there with my most used, tested and tried products that I can never stop using. I purchased this a few days after it came out and been in love ever since.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Another Kiehl’s product that I have been using for a long time and absolutely in love with.

The Kiehl’s ultra facial cream has been a firm favourite as it is super powerful but again so gentle. I get a lot of problems with my skin and one product I use over and over is this Kiehl’s ultra facial cream so could not put this in my Summer Morning Skincare Routine.

No scent to this really, just smells like cream however teamed with the facial oil it provides a powerful duo to combat dry, parched skin and give me radiance and reduce redness.

I tried many moisturisers for when my skin is super dehydrated and the only one that really sunk in and worked very well is this one.

I also use it on my hands for a deep nourishment.

Super lightweight and feels great on the skin! A firm favourite of mine.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Okay you all know I love Balance Me also and one product I never replace is my Balance Me Wonder Eye cream. So of course this is in my Summer Morning Skincare Routine.

It’s a very lightweight cream that is gentle but very hydrating to my eye area and works wonders on puffy, dry and discoloured eye area.

It’s so lightweight but so powerful that I never need to use anything else and religiously use this on my eye area alone.

I have reviewed this many times and always pops up in my skincare routines as I just can’t replace this with anything else. There is nothing out there that comes close.

During the summer months I do suffer with hayfever and this helps with the soreness, dryness and redness. I also have one in the fridge when my eyes are irritated and helps soothe my skin giving me wonderful, hydrated skin around my eyes.

Highly recommend this all year round.

Burts Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm

I am obsessed with Burts Bee’s as a brand and use a lot of their skincare and body care.

You check my stash and you will see I have everything ranging from cleansers to body moisturisers.

Okay so this Burts Bees Vanilla Bean lip balm is truly my favourite, I am obsessed.

I love the delicate vanilla scent and it is so super nourishing to my lips.

I have several of these all over the place, in my handbag, drawers, desk, bedroom, living room. Everwhere!

They are my favourite lip balms and only brand I use for my lips.

Super nourishing and leaves skin on my slips feeling soft, smooth and super hydrated.

Can’t live without Burts Bee’s lip balms!

Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub in Cherry Soda

I have 5 of the Jeffree Star lip scrubs but at the moment I am using the Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub Cherry Soda flavour after I just used up the Peach Popsicle.

These scrubs are amazing, they are hydrating to the lips and at the same time they scrub off dead skin.

Admittedly I do suffer with the worst dry lips ever and skin is always peeling off so to keep my lips smooth ready for the Velour Liquid Lipsticks I do use the lip scrubs several times a day to keep them smooth, soft and free from dead skin.

They also taste absolutely amazing also.

I have used these as a face scrub also, just a small amount will help remove dead skin so it’s not just your lips you can use them for.

I can have these last for months as you only need a small amount to get that awful dead skin from your lips.

My favourite brand of lip scrubs and only one I use.

Also – the packaging is super cute!

Trilogy Everything Balm

I had to end my Summer Morning Skincare Routine with a multipurpose balm that I use for zapping dry spots, using as a cleanser or face mask. I also use this on my body as well as my face.

This wonderful Trilogy everything balm lasts forever also.

With the beautiful scent of rosehip, this is great for a moment of relaxation and something I love to use often.

I have one of these also in my handbag to target areas of dryness when I am out and about.

I use this on my face, lips, body and also on my son who has eczema. It gives the perfect amount of hydration to the skin and soothes the eczema out breaks.

The packaging is so cute and keep the tins when I have finished to store trinkets.

Final Thought For My Summer Morning Skincare Routine

I have some real gems here for hydrating my skin and leaving it soft and smooth for the intense heat and humidity we have been having.

Every product hydrates, soothes and replenishes my skin leaving it looking and feeling amazing.

Each product I have selected with care and ensured this was the right product to be using to eliminate the dryness, dehydration and tightness I have been experiencing this summer.

If you need a skincare routine that is suitable for your skin I do recommend to check out the products above and keep trying different things until you have the perfect skincare routine.

Remember – the weather affects our skin so having a variety of products always helps to keep your skin in tip top condition.


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