Unicorn Cosmetics Forget Me Not Lashes

Lashes I have completely fell in love with recently and a pair I am loving right now is Unicorn Cosmetics Forget Me Not Lashes and seriously they are the best lashes I have worn in a long time.

Apart from the Dragon Lashes of course – they are my favourite.

From the packaging to the lashes and how they wear these lashes are phenomenal and of course I will get into the review and explain more about it.

Unicorn Cosmetics Forget Me Not Lashes – The Packaging

Admittedly I am a sucker for packaging – you all know this by now! I collect packaging from brands and I have kept this packaging as well as the Ice Fyre Dragon Lashes by Unicorn Cosmetics.

I love the beautiful decals and art work from Unicorn Cosmetics and you can tell some time has gone into this!

What I really admire is how they really went into this thinking ‘How can we protect these beautiful lashes so they can be used more than once?’ Well – the answer to that was – hard plastic casing for the lashes!

I have so many lashes and not one had packaging like this that protected the lashes. Rarely I had lashes that I could re-use the packaging but this is re-usable and also keeps your lashes well protected.

Another things about the packaging it retains the shape of your lashes. I know I have sets of lashes and they end up being flat after some time which is rather annoying.

Bright, colourful packaging is my thing and this packaging is super cute with the logo and the unicorn decals.

Now I need some pretty shelving to show these beauties off as currently they are sat in my Alex drawers which is easily accessible however I would prefer to have these babies on show.

Unicorn Cosmetics Forget Me Not Lashes – The Product

Alright so the Unicorn Cosmetics Forget Me Not Lashes are made so well – I tried tugging the lashes (Don’t shout at me, we all play with our lashes when on) and none of the hairs came off.

This is very important with lashes as having a false eyelash stuck in your eye is painful. Very painful indeed. I don’t recommend it!

Even after trimming down this did not ruin the lashes and they were still looking and wearing very well.

Now looking at the lashes – they are held together very well and spread out evenly so they have a natural look to them.

Shaped very nicely for a more realistic lash (Okay we know we don’t have thick and full lashes like this but they look spot on)

Super soft and have a very lovely glisten to them so they stand. Of course they are jet black just as I love my lashes. Dark like my heart (I kid)

What I really like about these lashes is that they are vegan and faux silk so great for the animals and of course cruelty free which is awesome!

Unicorn Cosmetics Forget Me Not Lashes – Wear & Application

Application for the Unicorn Cosmetics Forget Me Not Lashes is incredibly easy. I used the Unicorn Cosmetics eye lash applicator which is easy to hold and get these babies right where you want them.

Normally I avoid thick bands on lashes as I had problems with these with other brands. I have to admit that I really found these easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

Once applied they felt lighter than I anticipated – I did think these would feel heavy but this was not the case at all.

Through the day these felt very comfortable and did not come away at the sides. Many of my lashes come away through the day. However these lashes surprised me and wore beautifully without coming off at all.

I liked that I could do any eye look and it is not overshadowed by the lashes. This can be an issue for me as I have very tiny eye lids.

Looking natural, voluminous and beautiful.

Taking these off was very easy also, cleaned them up and popped them back in the case.

Unicorn Cosmetics Forget Me Not Lashes – Final Thoughts

Another win for me with lashes from Unicorn lashes – these are beautiful and wear so well.

Check the website regularly as they have some amazing offers on!

An amazing brand and amazing products. Can’t fault them at all.

These lashes are the bomb!

I am in love!

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