Wedding Venue Decisions

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important tasks when you are in the midst of creating your wedding. Making the wedding venue decisions alone can be really hard and sometimes you can not rely on Google alone.

The first and important decision is choosing the theme and what setting you would like your wedding venue to be in.

Maybe a luxurious hotel, church or somewhere abroad. There is plenty of options to choose and it is what suits you both for the big upcoming day.

Another thing to think of is having somewhere large enough if you have plenty of people to invite or somewhere nice and cosy if you wanted a select few people.

Reviews online are always a first place to start when looking for a wedding venue, although with some take with a pinch of salt.
The reason for this is some companies quite some time ago did have a lot of ‘fake’ reviews or the reviews left are not quite the whole truth. But you get a general idea of the star rating is very high or very low.

Ask around if people have too used these places and ask for their experiences first hand. A guaranteed way to know just how good a venue is.

Book visits, I say visits because one is never enough. Make sure that you do thoroughly check out everything and make sure it is the right size, caters to your needs and you can see yourself having your imaginary wedding here.

I have always dreamed of a big church wedding then a big celebration at a hotel after. But I will be having a very small affair so we had to rethink our plans as I would feel a tad embarrassed about the small arrival of guests to the wedding.

Registry office is quick and easy, especially if you only have a handful of people but it’s not very traditional which we do want some tradition in our wedding.

I am thinking about a nice small hotel and spend the weekend there during the ceremonies. Small and cosy for our families and small circle of friends.

Hotels have a whole package which can work out to be cheaper than having a soiree at another location after the marriage. It is worth considering if you want it in one place. Something like at the Silchester House which is an ideal location.

Travelling is another consideration too as you don’t want your whole party to be travelling half way across the country to get ready. Search for someone closer to home with easy access for all your family.
I would love to go abroad but it would be far too much money for both us and our families.

I am planning on keeping it within travel distance and somewhere grand but beautiful for us to have the day of our dreams.

Are you looking for a venue right now and what are your ideas?

*This is a collaboration post

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