Planning A Visit To Tuscany?

Are you thinking of visiting Tuscany? Tuscany is a very beautiful place with many locations you must see.
I will be going through some ideal locations to visit whilst you are in Tuscany and give you some ideas of where to travel to.

Tuscany is a beautiful region in Italy, it’s quite central and can easily travel to other destinations if it takes your fancy for wonderful day trips.

This wonderful place is known for it’s landscapes, artistic legacy, traditions and is regarded as the birth place of Italian Renaissance.

Should visiting nature reserves be something you are inter – Tuscany has around 120 nature reserves you can visit.

With beautiful locations for the foodies, there is ideal places you can sample the fine cuisine and of course test the beautiful wines they have available.

With a long list of beautiful places you can stay – you will find something tailored to your needs. There is even Tuscan holiday rentals if you prefer to rent somewhere instead of staying in a hotel.

Here are some top places to visit whilst in Tuscany.

Grotta Turistica Antro del Corchia

Grotta Turistica Antro del Corchia is a beautiful place to go if you love going into caves and seeing the wonders of naturally forming stalagmites and stalactites.

They have visits to the cave with a guide who talks about the wonders inside the cave.

The Grotta Turistica Antro del Corchia is much larger and more wonderful than the more popular Grotta Del Vento.

One thing I should mention is – if you plan to visit please take a sweater, sturdy boots and a rain coat as it is very cool inside (Can be around 8 degrees) and of course water drips all too often.

It will take around an hour to visit and take a good camera as you can snap some beautiful photographs whilst there.

Castello di Brolio

Castello di Brolio is a beautiful castle where they make their own wines. You can take a tour of the beautiful castle and grounds whilst having a wonderful wine tasting experience.

The Castello di Brolio is a rural castle, vineyard, palace and gardens located in the municipality of Gaiole in Chianti. The family have owned the beautiful castle and vineyards since 1100 AD – that is some time to have a family business for.

Of course – you can taste the beautiful Cianit they make themselves and also other types if wines whilst you are there.

Beautiful vineyards surround the castle which you can wander through with one of the tours they have currently.

As well as the tours and wine tasting, they also provide a beautiful lunch so it is the perfect day out.

Just to point out – make sure you plan this as it is a little hard to get access to.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

We have all heard of the leaning tower of Pisa, this is a world wide known landmark as the bell tower started to sink on one side a couple of years after it was created – giving homage to the name ‘leaning tower of Pisa’.

They provide guided tours so you can see the beauty of it as well as learning more about the tower and how it gained the unintentional tilt.

I would highly recommend visiting this monument as it is very well known and very beautiful to see.

You can even create funny pictures like many do – pretending to push the monument back.

Whilst you are there you can also visit the Pisa Cathedral and also the Pisa Baptistery which too are very remarkable and beautiful buildings.

It is a wonderful day trip with wonderful restaurants in the area.

Galleria dell’Accademia

Of course whilst visiting you do need to see the famous statue of David.

David is truly a masterpiece which was created by Michelangelo between 1501 – 1504 and is made from marble. We were all taught about this as a child and it is simply breathtaking to see in real life.

Housing a number of statues from Michelangelo also which you can visit.

Also at this gallery houses a large collection of paintings by Florence artists between 1300-1600.

In the area of course there is wonderful places to eat and make a day trip from it – soaking the sights of the area.

Terme di Saturnia

If you fancy a day relaxing, playing golf or hitting a spa then Terme di Saturnia is the place for you.

Located in Manciano – Terme di Saturina is a breathtaking place to visit. Even if you don’t fancy the luxuries there it is still a must see place that has gorgeous springs you can visit.

The beautiful springs are at a temperature of 37.5 °C and offer the best relaxation, cleansing and just taking a load off to pamper yourself for a day.

You can even look into the perfumes and skincare they offer – it really is a beautiful experience and one I highly recommend if you want to have a pamper day and relax whilst your partner enjoys the sights whilst playing golf.

Parco Avventura del Levigliese

If you are thinking of an adventure then Parco Avventura del Levigliese is an adventure you must consider.

From canoeing, sport climbing and even just visiting the botany in the park – there is loads you can do for a fun and adventurous day out.

I would recommend to check out the packages on offer as you can go canoeing in the lake to climbing or going inside the caves.

Even night trekking or a survival course – you can take your pick of what takes your fancy.

You can spend a few days there and enjoy different activities or just go for a lovely walk around the sights.

Final Thoughts

Tuscany is a place where you really want to make into the perfect holiday as there is so much you can do.

Have a look online and book some tours and sight seeing, make sure you get the opening hours before you go as some places are only open at certain times of the year or book up quickly as it is a popular tourist destination.

Make an itinerary before you go and make sure you have suitable travel arrangements to see some sights as some are not available by coach/bus.

Research as much as you can and with some locations make sure you check if you require suitable clothing/shoes for this especially if you visit caves.

Have you been to Tuscany before and what places did you love?

*This is a collaboration post.

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