Clinique High Impact Mascara Review

Clinique High Impact Mascara is a mascara I have loved for many years.
I remember when this mascara was released and I received a tester of this through the post. Since that day I tried it, I have loved it and this is now my every day mascara.

A brand I love dearly is Clinique, I have a lot of their products and reviewed a few in the past on my blog.

My most regularly purchased mascara and it is my most used mascara. This is a daily go to mascara.

You can apply this with one coat, or several to build up the length and thickness.

Should I want a little darkness and thickness, I use just the one coat. This is what I do daily even if I don’t wear any other make up.
When I am going out, I use 2-3 coats for more thicker, longer lashes.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

It’s a very simple packaging, silver lid and black with a thin bristle wand and does not carry a lot of product which gives a perfect coat to the lashes.

Transferring of this product does not happen, it stays put all day long and my lashes don’t stick together.

Clumping is a thing of the past, even with multiple layers there was absolutely no clumping.
Lashes did not stick together and look fabulous.

Sizing of the wand is perfect, it’s easy to get the bottom lashes without any effort. Even the corners, can get in there as the tip is thin so picks up the very end lashes and corner lashes superbly.

Consistency is medium so it applies really well, seems to stick to the lashes really well.
Taking off the mascara is super easy, using any type of cleanser and there is no staining of my eyes either.

I like how gentle it is on my eye area. Occasionally my eyes can get irritated and this is my go to mascara for when I am having problems with irritation or sensitivity.

It’s a simple, every day mascara that can be used for every occasion. I love the Clinique High Impact Mascara

Have you tried the Clinique brand?

*I purchased this product

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