Playing Games Online To Pass The Time

Sometimes I get bored so I play games online to pass the time. Sometimes I have a little gamble with a couple of quid, sometimes I do not.

When I don’t have a lot to do, I will sit and play a game on something.
I play anything from Sims to bingo.

Keeping myself occupied and distracted has helped me a lot lately with my anxiety. If I feel a panic attack coming on I always grab my phone, tablet or laptop and get playing a game.
I am learning mindfulness and one thing that is mentioned a lot at CBT is keeping my mind busy to stop the intrusive thoughts.

The types of games I play can be anything from bingo, slots to The Sims or a drawing app. As I struggle holding a pen at times, I found the drawing apps are easier and look just as great.

I do enjoy a spot of bingo or I have a quick go on the slot machines. Most of the time I play on the free ones, now and again I will pop a few quid on and have a play.

I believe there is a game for everyone.

The key is to have fun and playsafe online with something distracting and entertaining.

I like that I can play a lot of games through the same account on different devices. Like for example my Google Play account, I can carry on my game from any device that has Google Play.

There is also games connected to Facebook so you can play on every device. This makes playing games easier also.

Also a lot of online bingo and casinos are available on most devices so you can play anywhere at any time.

It’s amazing how far technology has come along, to the point you can play one game on every device you own.

*This is a collaboration post

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