Playing Games Online To Pass The Time

Playing games is something we all do, from either games on our phones to games on computers, consoles and even tablets. We are all playing games online to pass the time.

When I have nothing to do, I like to play a game. Whether I am playing alone, online or with my family. We have board games, consoles to play games together such as Minecraft and also games on my laptop, tablet and phone.

Keeping myself occupied

Now I do suffer with anxiety and occasional panic attacks. What I have learnt is to control these by distraction.
What better distraction is there, than actually playing games?

The types of games I play can be anything from bingo, slots to The Sims or a drawing app. As I struggle holding a pen at times, I found the drawing apps are easier and look just as great.

If you even fancied it, you could join a pubg tourney that is loads of fun and play with others online.

There is games out there tailored for our styles of play and our likes.

The key is to have fun and playsafe online with something distracting and entertaining.

Playing Games Online

I like that I can play a lot of games through the same account on different devices. Like for example my Google Play account, I can carry on my game from any device that has Google Play.

You can find games connected to Facebook so you can play on every device. This makes playing games easier also. Or connected to a Google account.

It’s amazing how far technology has come along, to the point you can play one game on every device you own without losing where you were in the game.

*This is a collaboration post

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