Nothing Tastes The Same Without Sarsons

Sarsons as been a staple brand in my home as nothing tastes the same without Sarsons.

This is from vinegar to Worcestershire sauce and even browning.

Chips are never the same without vinegar and salt, no vinegar tastes the same as Sarsons either. I don’t know what it is about this brand but honestly, I can not use anything else.

It’s strong, rich and tastes beautiful on chips. Chips are never the same without it.

One of my must have winter comfort foods is Cottage Pie. I make this once a week as it is a family favourite.

It’s one of the most simplest dishes and you can change it to taste different each time.
I don’t have a set recipe but the basics is the same.

Minced beef, browning (Sarsons of course) Worcestershire sauce, onion, rosemary and thyme.

I add different veg each time, sometimes I even use chunks of sweet potato and butternut squash.
Carrots, peas, swede, broccoli, green beans, parsnip… whatever I have in.

Sometimes I add tomato paste or sauce. Occasionally some chilli or ginger for a bit of heat.

The topping is 99% of the time mashed potato. Occasionally I will change to something else.
Mashed potato with carrot, mashed potato with sweet potato or just sweet potato.
Sometimes I even cover in cheese! Or add garlic and thyme to the mash.

BBC Food Website (27th February 2012)
BBC Food Website (27th February 2012)

Occasionally, I will make volcanoes for the children. Scraping the mash into a volcano with hole in middle then fill with the mince and grill for 5 minutes to crisp a little.

The kids absolutely love this, I remember my mum making it as a kid. I loved it too.

White vinegar is amazing for cleaning, the most use I get out of white vinegar is cleaning my washing machine.
I have tried many things to clean it, but the only thing that is effective is white vinegar.
It’s a great way to clean without using anything chemical.

I have also done my own pickling with pickling vinegars.
I live silver skinned pickled onions. But they taste nicer when you do it yourself.

Sarsons have a fantastic range of products and I use everything they have!

*This is a collaboration post

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