Living with IBS

Living with IBS is quite a pain in the bum, pardon the pun.

From the cramping, the constipation to running to the loo every 5 minutes.
It becomes overwhelming at times.

Triggers can be all kinds of things, from food to the environment and even stress.
Finding your triggers can take some time to work out.
Even when you have worked out what causes your IBS, life throws you a curve ball and you are back to the beginning.

I found medication helps a lot, there is quite a few different IBS medications available.
I use Colofac or Buscopan, depending on how severe the pain is.
Long term when I have frequent flare ups, I use Colofac.

Foods can help with symptoms.
Excluding certain foods like spicy food, dairy and gluten can help ease the symptoms.
Also avoiding anything acidic can help.

It’s amazing what a difference changing your diet can do for your bowels.

Unfortunately for me, food doesn’t make much difference as mine is stress related.
The more stressed I am, the worse it is.

You can find holistic therapies for IBS, peppermint capsules are very good.
I take these daily and found the spams are less frequent, but don’t really help when I have a flare up.
Peppermint tea helps also but found it can give me heartburn if I drink it frequently or too much.

Stress plays a major part in IBS. You will usually find people with anxiety or depression also suffer from IBS.
When you are under stress or anxious, this can affect your bowels greatly.

I wish there was a way to stop the cramps completely without medication, alas as there is not a lot of research or even information on what causes this.
So I will keep on suffering, in hopes there is something out there eventually.

Do you suffer from IBS? Do you find ways to help stop the cramping?

*This is a collaboration post

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