The Spring Clean You Want To Do

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With the spring season comes the spring clean. It goes hand in hand and for most it’s not a time that they look forward to – but there are a small percentage who absolutely revel in it. It’s a chance to clear through the clutter, chuck out the junk and make a fresh start for the year past the New Year’s Resolutions which haven’t quite gone to plan. To make it a bit more interesting, here are some things that might make you sprint towards the clean rather than holding back until next year…


Money In Old Tat


There are potentially quite a lot of things that you have gathered in your home which could be increasing in value day by day – you just may not quite realise it yet. You could try and find out the diamond price range of your jewelry that hasn’t been worn in years, or even if it hasn’t got diamonds in it, it can still be sold. Have a root through your wardrobe and separate all of the clothes that you know that you never wear (and probably never will), and list them on sites like eBay and DePop. You may not get what you originally paid for them, but at least you’ll be getting something back in return rather than having them sat there doing nothing.


Hidden Treasures


Have you ever sat down and thought about something that you saw quite some time ago, and haven’t seen since? You know it’s in your house, you just don’t know where. A thorough clean will help you to find it. Remove all of the cushions on the sofa, including the integrated ones, and pop them in the wash/scrub them down if they need it. You may be surprised at what was hiding underneath them. Moving sofas and other large pieces of furniture to the other side of the room can help to uncover things which may have gone AWOL, and definitely help to bust the dust from around it. In the bedroom, make sure to overturn the mattress to see what’s dropped down the side of the bed. Although you may not have thought that much can get down or under there, again you’ll be surprised at the amount that makes its way under in a year … especially if you’ve got children!


New Beginnings


Although it’s fun to find things that you never knew you had lost, it’s equally more fun to make room for things that you know that you want or need. Clearing through cupboards and wardrobes in the kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedrooms can seem like a laborious task when you first start it, but when you finish there’s no feeling quite like it! Having all of the space available and only keeping stuff that’s relative to you at the time and that you know you’ll utilise is a fabulous way to go. Anything that you know you won’t use can be donated to charities and shelters nearby to help give it to the people who need it most.

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