Why It’s Time To Conquer Your Beauty Fears

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We are not born into life being told we are anything less than beautiful, but as time goes on we are told repeatedly that we need to use certain products to make us look prettier, younger and more defined. Unbelievably, we are taught that we need to rock the natural look while at the same time, using products and make-up to change our whole faces and enhance our features. Society is a baffling concept, right?!

Thankfully, we women are resilient and understand that make-up, hair and skincare products can truly make us feel fantastic about ourselves! Why wouldn’t we?! There’s lotions and potions out there on the market to shrink eyebags like these after a heavy work week, make our pores shrink and make our eyes shine brighter. There’s colourants to cover grey hairs when you freak after you find the first one. There’s anti-aging products to help us roll back the years and keep the wrinkles away for longer. None of these beauty concepts is a bad thing!

We live in a world where we are 24/7 pounded with expectations to keep up with work, social lives, family lives and personal time to destress, so products that can make skin glow and make us look less like walking zombies are always appreciated! There are some beauty concepts out there that make us fear certain products and there are ways you can conquer your beauty fears. Whether you’re a virgin to products and a decent skincare and make-up routine, you should never feel worried about a beauty product. Beauty is about learning what works for your skin type, bone structure and looking more HDTV than Horror Channel. Check out our list of some of the most common beauty fears and how they can be overcome. If you spot your fear in the list, it’s time to uncover your eyes and learn how to conquer all!

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Skincare Fears

Okay, so it’s common knowledge that a lot of women are constantly told to ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ every evening. It’s the staple advice most of our mothers gave us as little girls. The trouble is trying to choose the products to use for it. Most women have the beauty fear that they will in fact choose the WRONG product; and it’s a very real fear! When products discontinue after years of use, what do you do? How do you find the nearest product to the one you’ve been using for so long?

Sometimes, it’s impossible to replace an older product and short of buying in bulk your favourite skincare products, you need to go back to basics and understand your skin type. Moisturising products for your skin are more often tested with trial and error and as we get older, we also start turning over to anti-aging skincare products, which require even more trial and error. A lot of women begin using anti-aging treatments fairly young to pre-empt wrinkles and saggy skin, and there are plenty of products on the skincare market it’s just about finding where to buy LifeCell All-In-One anti-aging cream, and testing it out. Smoothing those lines and firming those jowls is possible but you have to be willing to let go of the fear and try. We may hang onto products that work for us, and while change is scary, it’s definitely something that needs to be embraced to keep up in this world!

Another common skincare fear is spray tanning. You’ve seen the movies where it goes wrong and the person looking for a sun-kissed glow turns orange or a stunningly dark hardwood colour. If you know someone who has had a spray tan go wrong, you’ll be obviously imagining someone is going to transform your skin from its usual beautiful tones to something whacky. Again, spray tan WILL fade. It may take a few lemon baths, but it will tone down and go back to a more natural colour. It’s a complicated area, skincare!

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Hair Fears

Some people believe that if they dye their hair – whether in a salon or at home – it’ll make their hair fall out. Others think they should stay away from the hair colouring because it’ll be too expensive to keep up. Then there is the story that certain colours can make your hair go green. It’s no real wonder that people fear hair dye! Everywhere across the beauty world, hair is fluid. It changes every season. At one point, every woman with hair below shoulder length was embracing the ombre look. For some, ombre was a way of making hair look sun-kissed and beach beautiful. For others? Ombre looked like they had been lax on their roots upkeep. It’s a matter of style and taste.

Currently, women are purposely dying their hair grey instead of buying colours to cover it up, which is the opposite of what society has taught us about beautiful hair. It’s a big, bold change and it actually rocks on most women of all ages. If you really are too scared to commit to dying your hair, check out these ways around it! Other hair-related fears include hairsprays and other serums being so chemically built, that it will make your hair fall out. It’s important to remember that a lot of products for hair are SAFE and well-tested. Experimenting with hair is exciting, especially as hair will always grow back. You can grow it long, add colour, wash it out and chop it all off, but a lot of women rely on their hair to hide behind. Hairstyles say a lot about our personalities and if you are living in fear about changing your hair, then you should definitely take the plunge and go for the radical chop. There are always great wigs to cover up with if you hate it!

Fears on hair don’t always mean the tresses on your head. Every woman hates shaving her legs, under arms and bikini line, but we all do it. The idea of a full leg wax seems so appealing: it lasts a long time, it feels great afterward and after a few waxes, the hair becomes finer. What’s not to love? Probably the pain! A lot of women talk longingly about going for a leg wax, but never pluck up the courage. What’s the phrase? Beauty is pain! Well, waxing is convenient if a little painful and sometimes expensive depending on the method you use. Laser hair removal always seems really convenient, but it again falls under the category of uncomfortable. Never fear, you can always stick to your trusty razor.

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Make-Up Fears

If you’re not the sort of woman who wears make-up, ALL products are going to scare you! When you’re so used to seeing your own face in the mirror, adding a slash of red lipstick to your mouth can look odd enough to look daft. It likely doesn’t look ridiculous, but for your eyes it will so you immediately scrub it off and never try again. If you’re new to make-up, it’s always good to start small. Put away the YouTube video on eyeliner wings and the dramatic smoky eye, and gradually build up. Learn to apply eyeliner and mascara, with a touch of a gentle eye shadow shade. Learn to build from a slightly darker lip colour up to that ruby red that you covet so badly.

Never be afraid to experiment with make-up, even if you do resemble a clown in front of the mirror for a few moments. The best thing about make-up? It can wash off! Put aside your make-up fears and embrace that new colour you have always wanted. Everyone goes through the blue eye shadow and nude lipstick stage, just learn the shades that suit your skin and you will be rocking it.

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There is so much to female upkeep that it often feels like the best thing to do is to go back a hundred years and live life naturally, but it’s all about confidence. Conquering your beauty fears and remembering that nothing in beauty is permanent is the way you move forward and into new and current trends. Sure, stay away from sporting a pixie haircut if your hairdresser advises that your face shape can’t handle it, but don’t be afraid to go for it anyway if it’s what you want. We’ve all got that one beauty concept that gives us pause, whether it’s trying a skin peel or dying your hair blonde when you’ve had dark locks for years.

The key to unlocking that fear is putting the expectations of society to one side and letting your own opinions form over beauty issues. If you want to dye your hair bubble gum pink and have golden eyeliner wings, go for it. No one and nothing can tell you how you can be beautiful, except you. Face your fears and go for that wax you’ve always dreamed about. It probably will hurt, but if you don’t do it at least once, how are you ever going to find out if it hurts THAT badly? Face those beauty fears head on and make your mark on the world.

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