Is Affordable Luxury A Thing?

Is affordable luxury really a thing?

With minimum wage being low, costs increasing every year, most people can not afford luxury items.

It can take years to save up for an expensive designer handbag or hoping you grab one on ebay or at a charity shop and a hugely discount price. But they will be pre-owned.

If you are lucky, you will get them in great condition and will last you for a life time.

I’ve always longed for a designer bag but unfortunately there is other things that come first before saving for my dream bag.

I did splash out once on a designer purse, this purse has been used every day since and still looks pretty new.
This is now around 3 years old. So paying for designer can sometimes be a good thing as it may last a long time.

I do have a luxury watch, however this was gifted to me.
I don’t wear it as much as I should simply because I am worried that I will scratch it.

My partner also has a luxury watch, however wanted another one.

This got me thinking about a pre owned Tag Heuer for him, this would be a good way to afford a luxury watch and not pay as much as it would be brand new.

I never considered pre owned watches before, this is something I am considering when I also purchase myself something new.

I worry about using Ebay because there are a lot of fakes on there, I wouldn’t want to pay designer prices for a fake bag.

I wouldn’t mind owning something pre owned as it saves me a lot of money.
So long as it cared for and well looked after.

Would you buy pre owned designer luxury products?

*This is a collanoration post

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