My Plight To Quit Smoking

I am on a plight to quit smoking due to health reasons. Unfortunately smoking can make it worse so in an effort to kind of feel better I have been looking at ways to better my health.

So smoking cigarettes is one thing I am trying to get rid of.

I’ve tried patches before and various other things however had problems with them, skin issues and pains in the area they were applied.

I decided to try vaping again and see if I could cut down that way to eventually stop.

My idea was to try vaping for a few months and then downsize the strength of the nicotine to eventually 0. Then I would be nicotine free and no longer depend on nicotine.

Now the job is to look online for a user friendly vape kit that I could use and something easy to hold.

There was a few different ones I could try, but the one from Vape Ayr stood out more than anything. They also have a great section on their blog for stopping smoking which I found was super beneficial for me and gave me some tips and tricks to help combat the cravings.

As well as the kits, they also have a range of wonderful flavours like Autumn Pear, Apple Crunch, Vanilla Sky and Lime Biscuit that all sound amazing.

The flavours intrigue me as I could change them regular if I get bored.
No more cigarette breath I hope!

As well as ditching the cigarettes, I have started drinking more water and eating a better diet. More healthy food and had to increase my salt intake.
No, this isn’t a bad thing for my condition, it helps the POTS and low blood pressure also.

As well as that, I am introducing light exercise to start off with, I want to start to build my muscle strength again and hopefully should help reduce some symptoms also.

Yoga has been really great lately and found that it helps with the stress and keeping my mind focused as well as strengthening my muscles.

Smoking wouldn’t help as it can make you feel worse when exercising so this should combat it.

Keeping my mind busy helps – I have been writing more reviews and other things to stop thinking about smoking and it is helping keeping busy. This is very important as when you are sat around doing nothing you think about it more and the cravings take over.

My quest to feel slightly better I hope will be one that works because I am super fed up with being ill all the time and struggling to stand without feeling faint or fainting. Hoping ditching the cigarettes is a good start to getting better. Then lowering the strength of the nicotine as a way to completely stop.

Fingers crossed this works for me, because I have everything crossed that it works!

*This is a collaboration post.


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