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Have you thought about planning the perfect engagement party and been filled with dread? Maybe you are thinking that you have no idea where to even start with your perfect engagement party?

The beauty of engagement parties is that they are not all tied up with traditions as weddings are. You can do whatever you want, whenever you and wherever you want it to be.

Planning the Perfect Engagement Party

Who Are The Hosts?

The first thing to decide when planning the perfect engagement party is who is going to host your engagement party? It is often the parents of the bride to be but could be anyone at all. In fact, it is not unusual to end up with more than one celebration, as an engagement is the perfect excuse for a party. Some couples have more than one party because they come from different parts of the country. Unlike for the wedding itself, people do not usually travel far for an engagement party, so one in each hometown is often the best option. So venues are great for your perfect engagement party.

If your family want to throw you an engagement party and then some friends as well, make the most of the two celebrations, as they will both have been arranged with the happy couple in mind.

Or you could look into something such as a ready-made venue and engagement party, you can read more here. This is an easy way to planning the perfect engagement party.

Choose Your Guests

It is normal that anyone who attends your engagement party then receives an invite to the wedding. You and your partner should make a list together of the people that will be a wedding guest, and from that choose your guests for the engagement party.

If someone else is throwing the party for you, ask if you can have some input into the list of people being invited to the perfect engagement party.

Pick A Date

An engagement party will usually take place soon after engagement rings have been put on the finger. There are times when the engagement is announced at a party that is already in full swing, and then another party might not be needed, but if this happens, it’s always great to wow everyone with one of the beautiful designer engagement rings at,and a unique form of proposal, so that it still feels like a big event.  It’s just a matter of doing what’s right for you.

Find A Venue

The venue does not have to be big or posh, it just needs to be somewhere you will comfortable. It could be in a local community centre, you could take over part of a restaurant, or you could have your engagement party in so your own backyard. The venue is not important from the point of view of the celebration; it is just vital that your venue is right for you.

Plan Your Menu

Think about what food you want to be served at your party. If your party is being hosted at home, a barbeque could be used, or just lots of food that people can help themselves to. With restaurants or bars you will need to discuss your menu with them, but most of them will do a buffet style menu if you do not want a very formal meal.

Get Ready!

Your engagement party can be as simple or as complex as you want, there are no set rules to go by when planning the perfect engagement party. The same should be said of what you decide to wear. You will be in the same clothes for a few hours, so comfort is of the utmost importance. It can be good if you and your partner wear things that complement each other, but it really does not matter if you don’t. Just get ready, go to your party and enjoy every minute!

There is a lot to consider when you are planning the perfect engagement party and making sure you have everything in place for your perfect engagement party, but remember that no engagement party is perfect and it’s about making it fun, enjoyable and perfect for you.

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