5 healthy outdoor activities to help you keep yourself fit and active

Keeping fit and active is an important part of life, but many fail to prioritize their health. Not only is exercise necessary for physical wellness, but it can radically improve our lives in other ways. Fortunately, exercise can be fun when out in the great outdoors. You don’t have to lift weights or get a personal trainer to stay in shape and improve your life. There are numerous outdoor activities that your body will benefit from.


Maybe you’re getting bored of indoor gyms and want to mix it up, or struggle to make it to the gym in the first place. Regardless, getting fresh air and sunshine can boost your mood and inspire you to keep fit. Being outside can also reduce stress and allow you to get some much-needed vitamin D from the sun.


Since many of us spend so much time indoors during the work day, it’s a good idea to head outside for some exercise. If you’re wondering what outdoor activities are best at keeping you fit, keep reading on for five of the best ways to get moving in nature.




Swimming is a great activity for people of all ages and abilities. It’s less demanding on your heart than other exercises, but still good for cardiovascular fitness and improving lung capacity. Swimming laps can even aid in controlling blood sugar and blood pressure.


If you have arthritis or musculoskeletal injuries, swimming is perfect for you. Exercising in warm water can help to relieve stiffness and reduce stress on joints. Moving around is easier while in water, so workouts in the pool can be good for managing lower back pain too.





If you want to keep active, why not go back to basics and head out for a jog? Running burns tons of calories, strengthens your bones and knees, and doesn’t require any equipment other than the right shoes. It can also be a great social activity, and what better way to get fit than by spending time with family and friends outdoors? As an added bonus, you can take your dog outside for a run with you!


Running on a treadmill in front of a TV may give you a workout, but it won’t provide you with as many benefits as a run through a park will. Runner’s high is a real thing, and you’ll find your mood increases through the release of endorphins.




Though a game of tennis can simply be a fun activity between friends, there are numerous health benefits too. Moving around the court will elevate your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health. In fact, playing for a few hours every week can drastically reduce your risk of heart disease. It’ll also tone your muscles, burn calories, and improve your range of motion. Your coordination and strength will also improve as you learn how to maneuver your body and control your movements.


Even if you don’t have a tennis partner to play with, you can still reap the benefits of the sport. There are tennis ball machines you can purchase to help improve technique and train with precision. Tennis or not, Lift Your Game provides the latest news, guides and tutorials to help you improve your performance in your chosen sport.



Yoga is fantastic for flexibility and mental wellness. It’s a versatile activity that can tone your body, get you in shape and keep you challenged. There are a range of poses that also build your stamina and strength as you learn to hold up the weight of your own body. Yoga can also be very restorative for those recovering from injuries. Another big benefit? It can be done anywhere at any time.


Practicing yoga outdoors can relax you even further, put you in the present moment, and help you reconnect with nature. If you’re feeling sluggish, engaging in a calm exercise outside can replenish your energy. You don’t even need a mat! You can practice certain poses on grass or sand, whichever terrain is most comfortable for you. Go out into your backyard, head to the beach, or look for outdoor yoga meetups in your area. If you want to get away from competitive activities, yoga is ideal for you.




Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is one of the most fun outdoor adventures to keep you in shape. It will appeal to you particularly if you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie and get bored with regular indoor workouts. It’s a fantastic all-body workout that’ll get your blood pumping.


Regular mountain climbing increases muscle strength and enhances overall endurance. However, before going on your first climb, you’ll need to do a bit of training. Since climbing uses so many muscles and requires a certain amount of strength, there are many exercises to help you prepare. Cardio, legs, and training for proper form are necessary. Strengthening your core will help keep you safe from strain and injury, so focus on planks, oblique reaches and burpees.


All of the activities mentioned earlier will help your body acclimate to the outdoors. Hiking can help you get used to wearing a backpack full of gear, and running and swimming can help prepare you both physically and mentally.


Now that you know how these five outdoor activities can benefit you, what are you waiting for? Which exercise do you think will work best for you? If you can’t pick just one, why not try a combination to keep your fitness regime interesting? Having fun is an important part of keeping fit and active, so be sure to enjoy yourself next time you’re working up a sweat outdoors. You’ll quickly find yourself looking forward to heading outside and getting in some exercise!

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