How Does My Family Say They Love Me?

There are certain times of the year where my family like to show me they love me in their very own way.
My partner does it differently to my 3 children. Each child has a different way to do it.

My oldest child likes to buy me flowers.
He knows I love flowers and is always looking to buy me the ones he thinks are the nicest.

My middle child buys me stuffed toys. One year I had blue nosed bears, a dragon and a couple of animal ones in the range.

My youngest would buy me whatever he wanted, maybe a Minecraft sword.

Then my partner buys me all kinds of things from onesies, flowers to picture frames or something beautiful.

I don’t eat chocolates, so when I receive chocolates from my kids, I know it is really for them.
They know I don’t eat chocolate and choose the ones they like.

Flowers seems to be the popular option with my children, they like to out-do each other with flowers or plants.

As below, even the infographic states that flowers are the most popular way to say ‘I love you’

Mothers Day is looming and I know I am going to receive some gorgeous flowers and a plant. I always get a flowering plant from my eldest son.

I wouldn’t mind cake, coffee and walnut *hint hint*
I am very partial to cake, just not chocolate.

Admittedly, I am going to be buying flowers delivered from Flying Flowers  for my Grandma and a kettle and chocolates for my Mum. I saw a wonderful kettle she would love and know she appreciates things like that. (She will be getting some coffee for her Dolce Gusto machine from the kids also)

The whole idea for us is to be thoughtful, buy things we know they will love. Or in some of my kids cases, buying things they love, then pinch it a while later. This says my kids love me.

For example, the blue nosed animals are now located in my middle son’s room.
My beanie giraffe was stolen by my toddler and he carries it around with his Chase.

I like to say I love people by giving them things they want or need, maybe it’s my age.
I asked my Mum what she wanted and it was a kettle, but she will also get a treat too (as above)

Mothers Day is a wonderful day that we are thankful to those who raised us, who cared for us and importantly, who loved us. It’s nice to reciprocate the love back.

How does your family say they love you?

*This is a collaboration post

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