Writing A Will – Why It Is Needed

For a few years I have been considering what to put in my will.

Who is going to be my beneficiaries and who will be the executor.

It’s a little complicated for me so I need some sound advice on what to do and what needs to go into a will.

I looked online but I felt these would not cover every need and expectation.

You see, I have a life insurance policy, so this is to go towards a home and then the home is later split between my children.

I wanted to make sure there was a way the house could not be sold unless the money was going towards my children.

The inheritance is their future.

Of course, I need to make sure everyone is left with not much upheaval, money to buy things that is needed, a stable home…

But I couldn’t get this across when doing it online.

Then I googled and found Osbornes.

They provide a will service but a more comprehensive one with proper wording and ensuring what I have left, goes to whom it should.

Basically, a lot of legal jargon I need in it.

I need to make sure that no one can contest that has no right to any of my leavings, that my children are better off and will not struggle financially.

I have a life insurance policy, pension and money tied up in savings, ISA and various other means.

Each one has it’s own place in my family.

Therefor each thing has to go to a certain place.

Then things like jewellery and other personal effects, I want to leave to a good home. Nothing will be left unturned.

It’s hard making a will, a lot of thought has to go into it. So I need to make sure it’s legal and it’s right.

Have you considered leaving a will?

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