Why Cotton Clothing Is Great For Kids

I admit that a lot of the clothing I buy for my children is cotton 99% of the time.

Of course some clothing couldn’t be cotton like bathing/swimming clothing. But where I can, I do of course opt for cotton.

There are many reasons why I choose cotton clothing and will touch more into this.

Firstly, cotton is very strong and harder to tear than other fabrics. It wears a lot better and keeps it’s shape as well as easier to remove stains.

The first few years of a child’s life you are going to have a whole range of stains on clothing. From foods, dirt to pen! Yes – we have all been there with the pen all over the uniforms and no idea why.

I love the durability with cotton and how it can withstand whatever my boys are doing. From playing outside to getting messy with pens and what not.

A very important key to kids clothing is durability and how they last. Replacing clothes can become a nightmare!

Another point is that they wash so very well, they are less susceptible to wrinkles and easier to iron.

The less ironing, the better!

We all know that cotton on kids is vital.

Although cotton can be more expensive than your general poly mix, the costs are worth it because of how long these clothes can last.

Getting a stain out of poly mix clothing is hard work. I had to replace a lot of items due to this which ended up costing me more in the long run.

Also after washing and drying, the wrinkles left were so bad sometimes an iron didn’t get them fully out.

Cotton is so gentle on the skin and is breathable, so if your kids run around a lot and get sweaty, you want to know that the air is getting round to help kids keep cool.

As well as keeping cool, it is also very warming, so in winter makes excellent insulation to keep our kids warm.

Another advantage of wearing cotton is it’s hypoallergenic. Yes, you heard me right! Natural cotton is hypoallergenic and good for those children who have skin issues, allergies and so forth.

Cotton on babies is also advantageous, babies wearing cotton is  that it is so soft against a babies skin. We want our babies to b comfortable during the first years of their life.

Again, with stains, it is easier to remove stubborn stains from cotton clothing so you are replacing items less and less.

Also cotton nappies are very widely used recently as people are looking towards more natural ways to protect our babies bus instead of the general disposable nappies.

Cotton is the most used option for cloth nappies as it’s durable, easy to wash and remain stain free with good care and washing.

Again it’s hypoallergenic also and keeps our babies skin free from pollutants.

Cotton is fabulous for children from babies to adults.

Take care of your kids skins and look at wearing cotton!

*This is a collaboration post

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