Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula

Rosalique is a totally new brand for me and I was sent the 3 in 1 anti-redness miracle formula to put through the paces and give an honest review of it.

Now, I was in hospital recently and we all know the air there makes your skin dry, irritated and of course can make it red.

When packing my bag, I popped this in as I thought it would be the best environment to try this and see how I get on with it.

I will talk about the product, uses and then of course my experience.

So here we go!

Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula – About TheĀ  Product

This was created to specifically target redness, something I do suffer with around my nose area.

My skin whilst in hospital did get very red and irritated so this was a god send to cover it up.

How this works, is it covers the redness firstly with the green tint to the product but over time it also works on removing the redness from your skin. Then of course making your skin look healthy and beautiful.

I also have very veiny skin around my nose and nothing has eliminated or covered the redness apart from a thicker concealer and foundation. But I don’t want to use this every day and do like to have a bare faced but my skin tone is so uneven.

Rosalique have also included an SPF of 25 in the product to further protect the skin from harsh UV rays. Which can also create redness or make the redness appear worse. We all know how bad the sun can be.

This can be used as a base for foundation which provides an even colouring on your skin.

Included in this is a proven anti-inflammatory a-Bisabolol to work deep down on reducing the redness caused by inflammation so if you have irritated skin, you need this in your life.

A perfect concealer for the redness, giving the perfect base but working long term on reducing the redness.

Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula – The Packaging


A beautiful light blue packaging from the box to the product, it also has a cute floral type pattern in light shades which gives the look of calmness and relaxation. Just perfect for this product.

The actual product is housed in a soft, plastic bottle. Then with a very fine tip to expertly provide enough product to cover the target areas.

Very easy to store and can pop it in your bag for day to day use.

I really like the simplicity and the calm colour scheme of this. Just what I would use and love to show off on my beauty counter.

Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula – The Review

Initial thoughts was ‘oh my, this is bright green!’ But I know that green cancels out the redness so I knew this would be perfect to cover up the redness.

It creates a perfect base to apply my foundation over the top and no redness peeks through. Even with a sheerer foundation or BB/CC cream.

The formula is slightly thicker, applies really well and sinks into the skin straight away. With the green cancelling out any red parts of my skin, it gives a massive reduction in the redness and creates a base for any make up.

Now when I wear the thinner consistencies for foundation, I find the redness does peek through. Especially after a couple of hours. However with the Rosalique product, this cancels out the redness all day long.

Then after a month of use, I noticed that redness was diminishing. You know me, there are other products used often to target redness and I am so surprised how the redness was completely gone.

After a stint in hospital, my skin was dry and irritated with some redness from that. I continued using this and it calmed, soothed my skin as well as targeting the redness.

I use some pretty harsh peels at times which leaves my skin so red and sometimes irritated. But then I had used this on top for instant calmness and soothing, as well as cancelling out the red.

Perfect for use after using an exfoliator or scrub on your skin and you need to apply make up afterwards.

So I can confirm this does help with irritated skin too. Within a couple of days my skin was clear and no longer inflamed. This is very important and something skincare products seem to miss.

Another thing to mention is when applied, it does give the skin a slight warm tint to it, like a very faint BB cream and gives the perfect base for applying your make up.

Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula – The Aftermath

I have a wonderfully, more even skin tone after a long use of this product and can use this on the spot to treat my skin for those days that my skin is red, irritated and needs a bit of TLC.

Only requring a little of the product each time, this does last a good length of time.

The brand is also vegan friendly and animal friendly so you can be sure they they care for the environment. Of course as well as providing us with a wonderful product.

I would love to see an eye care product cancelling out purples and dark circles. I know I seriously suffer with this and not many products help with this area.

Now I have used this quite some time, I was so surprised at how this diminished redness by covering up straight away. Then long term it got rid of the redness to my skin.

Pleasantly surprised and a repeat user of this!

Now can we have something for under the eyes? I would love that and so would many others!

*This product was sent for me to review fairly, honestly and in my own words. I was not paid for this content.

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