Makeup Revolution Unicorns Are Real Palette

It’s only recently I have started to get more into colours so when looking for products on Make Up Revolution, I just had to get myself one of these!

After purchasing the Redemption Palette Mermaids Vs Unicorns, I wanted something to pair up with this palette and this certainly did.

Now the 2 palettes paired up make the most beautiful combo for any type of look. Using the highlight and silver more, along with the cranberry shade.

A very affordable palette that looks absolutely stunning. I do really love the Unicorns Are Real Palette

Right so let’s get on with the review.


Makeup Revolution Unicorns Are Real Palette

This palette has 4 highlight shades, because they are so lustrous I actually use them on my face as a highlight too!

There is no mattes, it’s all shimmer but very vibrant.

The formula is very soft which makes these very blendable shadows. The shimmer is not at all chunky and found there was not much fall out when applying. Just don’t use loads and build it up.
When blending, the shimmer was still there. Which I find is a hard task because usually the shimmer falls off or disappears somewhere.

The silver at the right side is perfect for a halo effect, using my finger with a bit of fixing spray, this stays put all day and looks so vibrant.

My favourite shade is the cranberry. I have recently been wearing a lot of warmer colours so this is one I reach for more than anything now.
Of course, the lighter shades are perfect for highlight, I use them on my brow bone all the time.

As you can see from the swatches, they are so vibrant and they have good staying power.

Swatch time


The first shade is a pearl coloured shadow, this is great for any general highlight.
Second is a more muted pink, this is great when working with pink and red tones.
Third is a more champagne colour, I love this as a highlight and can be used with any colours.
Fourth is a gold, this is stunning. Can be used as a halo effect, a shadow or highlight.

Fifth is a cute pink, I use this as a transition shade.
Sixth is a gorgeous purple, it looks slightly bluer in the pan but applies as a beautiful purple.
Seventh of course, a rose pink colour, again another one I reach for more than anything. Teamed with the light pink, makes a fab duo.
Eighth is my favuorite out of them all, this is a gorgeous cranberry shade that looks almost copper. I use this A LOT!

Ninth is a purple/blue, depending on how you wear this it can look more towards blue or purple. Blended out it looks more blue.
Tenth shade is a rich, warm bronze colour, again I use this a lot when doing a bronze or gold look. Fab as a dark shade.
Eleventh shade well, this is a beautiful khaki green colour, love this as my outer corner shade.
Twelfth shade is another fave, this is a gorgeous strong silver that I use for halo effects.

A random selection of colours that works really well.

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution Palettes?

*This product is from my own beauty collection that I purchased

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