Fashion Tips For This Winter

Winter is coming. The nights are getting colder and darker, there is a chill in the air.

We have our winter essentials in the back of the wardrobe but every year as fashion changes, we need new items in our winter must have collection.

So below is a fantastic infographic for building a winter wardrobe with some fashion tips for this winter.


Creating the perfect excuse to get those winter must haves, this infographic is perfect for these occasions.

I know every year I change my hat, gloves and scarf but I haven’t considered changing my coat, boots or even wellies.
This is something I seriously need to consider this winter especially as it seems to be getting colder.

This year I have already found some amazing winter must haves, thin jumpers, thick jumpers and even a range of cardigans that I really need. Like now.

Gorgeous jeans as it’s far too cold for leggings and styling with long sleeved tops, jumpers and cardigans.

Mixing it up with some bright summer clothes, just throw a nice thick chunky cardigan over the top and you have yourself a wonderful outfit.

Boots is something I want to invest in this year, a good pair that will last a few winters. The ranges I have found so far have been great, it’s just a question of choosing the right pair.

Have you been looking to invest in your winter wardrobe this year? Have you found any bargains yet?

*This is a collaboration post.

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