The Gangs You Wouldn’t Want to Cross Paths While Travelling

When you go for passport renewal for a trip around the world, whether you are going for adventure or a vacation at a given location, the last thing you ever want is to get into trouble with the law, and most importantly, with the gangs in the cities, you will travel to. Gangs have been around for ages, and they are not about to stop their violence.

Some make so much money that they would rival major corporations or businesses located in the places they operate. In their world, everything goes, ranging from human trafficking, drug trafficking, child pornography and murder amongst others. They are known to be ruthless and in their world, the law is a distant vocabulary. These are the kinds of people you wouldn’t want to run into for whatever reasons when you are traveling.

Crossing their paths for the wrong reasons would mean that you may never see home again. This is not to scare you from traveling to the cities or countries they are found in, but it is good to know about their presence as an added caution on your security.

Here is a look at some of the most lethal gangs across the world-:

Mungiki in Kenya

Africa is known to have its own share of violence, but if there is a gang you wouldn’t want to go against in the entire continent, then that must be Mungiki in Kenya. The gang comprises of over 100,000 members from a particular ethnic community and their main weapon is inflicting fear amongst the citizens. They are never afraid to kill and maim, and their style features the use of machete which they use to cut their victims into pieces then dump the body parts in sacks in public places where people would see. Their main gripe is in the transportation industry where they mint millions of dollars in protection and operation fees and unless you are not willing to play by their rules, then you will never venture into the transportation business in most of the major cities. It is a relatively secretive group, but very efficient and lethal in their operations.

Mara Salvatrucha

Also known as MS-13, Mara Salvatrucha is rated as one of the most dangerous gangs in the world. The gang was started by a group of El Salvadorians who migrated to California to escape the civil war that was happening in their country. The gang is now international and most of its members are primarily from Central America. The membership is estimated to be about 70,000 and their main areas of operations include contract killings, drug smuggling, human trafficking and black market gun sales amongst others.


The 18th Street Gang

The 18th Street Gang was started in Los Angeles and it also goes by the name M18. Currently, it has a membership of over 65,000 people with operations in over 200 cities in the United States. Just as its name suggests, the gang has its origin in the 18th Street of Rampart District in Los Angeles. It is considered as the largest multinational gang in the world, though the majority of the members are believed to be second-generation people with Hispanic origins. It is one of the most feared gangs in LA, and though you will never notice their operations, the last thing you would want to do is have a run into them. They are not afraid to take away life and with possible collusion with the law enforcers, you would be safe by just avoiding any kinds of encounters with them.

Los Zetas

Los Zeta is not just one of the most dangerous gangs in the United States, but also one of the most feared drug cartels in the world. Though it has a massive influence in the US drug market, its base is in Mexico where it calls the shots on most drugs routes and decides who remains in business and who is taken out without mercy. The gang was started by Mexican soldiers who decided to shift allegiance from the government in favor of the Gulf Cartel. With this gang, their method of execution is beheading and this alone has been sufficient to instill fear among the populace. So feared is the gang in Mexico that whispering the name alone is something considered as a taboo.


Crips are one of the most notorious gangs in the United States and equally one of the most dangerous ones which you would wish to cross for whatever reasons. The gang was started in 1969 in California by just a group of teenagers who saw the street life as the best way of survival. Petty theft and dealing drugs were their main areas of operations at inception, but they have now graduated to a full gang and not just a group of teenagers out to terrorize people in the streets. Currently, they are associated with dealing in drugs, murders, and robberies.

The United Bamboo Gang

You may have very good reasons to go for passport renewal for a trip to Taiwan in Southeast Asia, but while you enjoy yourself in the tiny, but beautiful country, be aware of the United Bamboo Gang which happens to be one of the most lethal gangs in the entire country. The gang has made a name for itself in extortion, human trafficking, dealing drugs, and murders. The gang is also accused of orchestrating the murder of Henry Liu, who was a California based journalist and writer in 1984.

Primeiro Comando da Capital

Also known as PCC, Primeiro Comando da Capital is the largest criminal organization in Brazil and also holds the reputation of being among the top dangerous gangs in the world. The gang is believed to have over 150,000 members as inmates and a further 6.000 due paying members. In 2012, the gang was responsible for a wave of crimes in Sao Paolo when their truce with the police disintegrated, leading to the death of many civilians, including scores of police officers. The gang as a creation of just eight prisoners with the mission of fighting the oppression that was rampant in Brazilian prisons by then. They also had a mission to avenge the death of over 100 prisoners killed by the government in a prison in 1992. It has since evolved to become a powerful gang with influential people in its payroll.


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