A Calming Office

There is nothing more relaxing and calming then listening and watching a water fountain, or meditation.
Can you imagine them both together? Sounds like total relaxation.

I have my own home office and I do have this as my place of calm. It’s a place where I like to relax and I do meditate in my office.

So I got looking at homeĀ water features at SoothingWalls.com that have an entire range of water features from garden to inside the home.

I have never imagined there would be a small, desktop version of a soothing water fall. Something I could have on for those tense days in the office or simply when I want to meditate.

My only issue would be is to make a choice in which one I want.

There is several I absolutely adore, the sphere table top water fountain is something that would match my office. Then the zen moonshadow slate table top fountain looks elegant and soothing.

Meditation is quite a big part of my life and something I rarely talk about, to be fair I am never asked about it.
So this really is my chance to have a chat about it really.

Finding time to have time to myself lately is really hard, as I had quite a demanding job I just couldn’t focus.
However, since I left and found alternative employment, that stress, demand and anxiety has simply gone. I feel amazing now.

I found the time to start meditating, even if it is once a week. It’s that time to myself that I can spend on keeping myself calm and ready for the next week ahead.

Scents are a major part of my life, scents keep me calm and relaxed. Even when I am working away in my office, I always have a scent on in the background, making my office smell amazing and so relaxing.


Candles is another thing I have around my office, the scents they let off are amazing. I love the calmness of the glow from the flame.

Lastly, light, twinkly, calming music. I also like soft sounds of water which the fountains would be fantastic for or sounds of the world. Like rainforest or the sea.

Do you have an home office that you make into a tranquil space? What would you do if you could do a room in your house into a tranquil office?

*This is a collaboration post

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