Upcoming Procedure And My Worries

At the end of the month, I have an upcoming procedure on my heart. It isn’t evasive but a lot can go wrong especially with the tinkering on my heart.

I had my pre-op the other week and asked a million questions. How evasive is this? Do I need time off work? Will life return to normal right after?

When you hear about people having surgery or procedures on your heart, they instantly think of the worst.

I know my family and friends have, sending me love and thoughts. Asking a million questions also to see what the procedure is exactly, any affects after?

So to get to the point, I am having something called an EP study and ablation. Should this not work then I am going to theater for a pace maker.

Basically, I have a catheter from my groin to the heart on my right side, then they insert electrodes to my heart to find out where the extra electrical impulses are coming from. Once they have located this, they then proceed to burn that part of my heart to stop the extra electrical activity.

I am awake,so to speak. In ‘twilight’ as they called it. I am aware but I will be a little bit out of it. They know I am anxious and have taken extra steps to ensure the anxiety doesn’t affect me.

After this, I am monitored to see if this has resolved the abnormal arrhythmia I have and if not, I am then booked in for a pacemaker fitting, either the same day or the next day.

Pace markers are not as scary as they used to be, the technology we have these days in the medical field is mind baffling and either way, I will no longer have the awful side effects of the abnormality. It is one step in the right precondition with my health.

Obviously they have told me the worst case scenario – not something I would like to think about right now but I admit it does niggle me quite a lot.

I mean, you know. What will happen after I do die? Well, this is very informative, click here to read more.

Regardless, I have to think positive about this and make sure that I am not panicking much.

I am glad I get the chance to speak with my cardiologist before, who I have Googled and found he is a specialist in the area of arrhythmia. He does these procedures all the time and I am really int he best hands which makes me feel more safe.

They have other cardiologists on standby, such as one who fits pacemakers and another that specialises in other areas of cardiology.

I went out and bought supplies, you know me. I need new everything! New bag, new dressing gown, slippers and PJ’s and even comfy clothes to come home with. I also packed a bag of things like bathing, skincare etc as I can’t live without my skincare if I have to stay over at hospital.

One thing I knew I had to do was take things to take my mind off it, I have adult colouring books, kindle and also a book to read. I am going to be sat waiting to be called (they do 2-3 a day) so could be any time I go in and have the procedure.

Admittedly I have told my Mum and partner I am going alone as no point in waiting as could be there all day.

I am sure I will be fine but it still gets you worrying. I am sure it will all be unnecessary and I am back a few days later telling everyone about my experience and how it’s wasn’t that bad!

Regardless of this going on, it has sure made me stronger and value my life a lot more. There is so much I want to do and quite limited. So looking for things I can do that I have the ability to do without making me worse.

Don’t be scared if you have an upcoming procedure, the advancements they have made medically is honestly astounding and you are in the best care at hospital!

Have you had this particular procedure before and what do you think? Am I panicking for no reason?


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