Unconventional First Date Ideas That Are Sure to Break the Ice

A first date is something that causes immediate feelings of excitement and terror all at once. Sure, it’s great to be going out with someone new, and having that opportunity to get to know them better, but at the same time, first dates are terrifying in that everyone wants to put their best foot forward, seem natural, and relaxed. It can be hard to break the ice, especially if it’s a blind date or you know very little about your date. So, does that mean you don’t try? Of course not!

We’ve gone ahead and collected a few unconventional first date ideas that are sure to break the ice, allowing you and your date to relax and actually get to know each other.

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Work Together as a Team

What better way to break the ice than to be in an adrenaline rushing situation that forces the two of you to work together? Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious. Instead, it’s one of the most fun trends hitting the country right now. The Boston Escape Room from Breakout Games takes all the fun, intrigue, and mystery of the escape room-themed apps and turns it into reality.

You and your date will be locked in a room with the timer counting down. You’ll have just 60 minutes to search around and find clues, solve puzzles, and somehow figure out how to escape the room. The two of you will be far too busy working as a team to worry about being shy.

Sign Up for a Class Together

Most cities and towns have a variety of unique classes to join, which can act as the perfect first-date idea. Again, you’ll be busy with an activity and working as a team, which helps to break the ice. Some of the more popular classes include cooking classes, painting, and sculpting.

A Three-Course Meal with a Unique Twist

When you think of going out for a three-course meal, it may sound pretty standard and overdone, which is why you may want to add a cool and unique twist. Rather than go to one restaurant for your appetizer, main, and dessert, you can visit three different restaurants enjoying one course at each of them. This is sure to add an element of fun to the evening and it is bound to loosen you both up. You can even make it a challenge and pick three different types of cuisine too.

Rent Bikes and Explore Together

If your city or town is known for being bike-friendly, why not rent a couple of bikes and explore together? This is perfect for a day date, and instantly gives you things to talk about since you’ll be sightseeing as you ride. Just make sure that the two of you agree on the bike riding before the date so you can dress in comfy clothes and sneakers.

A First Date You’ll Remember

No matter which of these ideas you choose, one thing is for sure, and that’s the fact it will be a date you will remember, and it won’t feel nearly as scary.

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