Updating Your Kitchen On a Budget

When you move into a new house, you want it looking your best, but after costs of moving, buying/renting a house you may be left with a limited budget. So I thought I would discuss some ideas of updating your kitchen on a budget.

From small things such as appliances to updating your cupboards. Here are some ways to get your kitchen looking fresh and clean.

Updating Your Kitchen On a Budget

Clean, clean, clean!

Before you do anything with your kitchen, you should give it a very good clean.

This will help you see the areas where you really need to work on, such as peeling cupboards or areas you can save with a simple lick of paint.

Over time, your kitchen will gather dust, grease and various other icky things so giving your kitchen a very deep clean will help you understand what areas need updating or can be left alone.

Getting toolkit together for cleaning is vital. Bleach is great for whitening and getting rid of germs. Sugar soap for giving your walls a good clean. Anything used for grease will eliminate the yellow, grease marks we accumulate over time.

Updating the doors on your cupboards

When we move into a house, the cupboards may be outdated or peeling, however you can save money by keeping the actual cupboards so long as they are in good nick and just update the doors.

If they are not peeling or cracking, you can use a paint just to give it a nice fresh look.

Change the handles for something more modern or suiting your theme.

If you want to paint your cupboards them check out this article for some wonderful tips.

Fresh lick of paint

You may find a good way to give your kitchen a fresh look is to give your walls a new lick of paint. Going for white is simple and easy, but maybe you fancy a pop of colour to make you feel happy when entering your kitchen.

If your kitchen is ark and doesn’t attract much light like mine, stick with white. Should you get too much light, think of a colour which would absorb some of the light like a warm shade such as terracotta.

Once you have painted, your kitchen will feel more you and look fresh.

Theme your small appliances

Having a theme in your kitchen will make it look more modern and beautiful.

If you are going with a black and white theme, have your walls and cupboards white, then appliances black.

Silver is also a common theme as it goes with any colours you choose for your kitchen.

Copper is also another popular theme for the kitchen and you can get your toaster, kettle and various other things in copper, or white and copper and even silver and copper.

Having a mismatch of appliances may look cluttered and confusing.

Change the flooring

Changing the flooring is another good way to update your kitchen on a budget, just pulling the flooring up and changing for something you really like.

Choose something more hard wearing such as lino which is cheap to update if you get tears or marks.

Maybe something like slate or tile, but keep some spare should you crack a tile over time.


Just getting some accessories for your kitchen will give your kitchen a new look.

From beautiful vases of fresh or fake flowers, utensil or cup holders and jars for your dry items such as coffee, tea and pasta.

You can add little accents here and there to make your kitchen look beautiful and appealing.

Go with a theme and try to get your accessories to fit in with your appliances.

Buy some gorgeous plants or herbs to give a more earthy look and these are also fab to use when you are cooking.

There is may ways you can update your kitchen with minimal money and have it looking beautiful.

Remember to go to places that sell items on offer, o even look around car boots and such to grab a bargain.

*This is a collaboration post.

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