Is tyre safety at the forefront of your mind?

When it comes to caring for your car, is car safety at the forefront of your mind? Are you regularly checking your tyres and making sure they are safe?

I noticed the other week that one of the front tyres had started to go bald so straight away we got the car booked in for a tyre change.

I expected the cost to be relatively high but I was quite surprised at the low cost of changing the tyre.

As there was nothing wrong with the alloy itself, it was a simple job of getting a new tyre.

Only took an hour and off we went with 4 brand spanking new tyres.

Why not visit Colne tyre centre in Lancashire to get your car tyre fitting?

Along with tyres, you need to check several things to ensure your car is running smoothly and there is no danger or issues that may happen, especially on long journeys.

What to regularly check:

Check your oil regular
Make sure your brakes are working efficiently
Check the tyre pressure regular
Ensure you have enough tread on your tyres
Air filter is working correctly
Power steering fluid
Always check your lights, if they appear dim or not working, get them changed

If you look after your car, you may find your car has less issues and repairs are less frequent.
For example, if your oil is never changed, this can cause some very costly repairs and your car will not run as efficient as it should.

Do you look after your car? Is there anything additional you check?

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