Winter Skincare Tips For Better Skin

Winter is around the corner, the nights are getting darker. The air is getting colder and your skin is getting dry. I have some wonderful winter skincare tips and products to show you to help ease those winter blues.

With so many products that are available, it’s more choosing the right product that is available for your skin type.
You can see many brands, stores and it’s a case of choosing the right skincare products for you.

I have categorised the products to help you find some beauts.


Cleansing is a very important part of your beauty ritual, it cleanses away dirt, make up and other impurities on your skin. Each cleanser has a different use and to be used at different times of the year

For example, winter is a time that dries your skin. The cold can make your skin irritable and you need super nourishment.

When suggesting a cleanser for winter, I always recommend balm or oil based cleansers as they provide that extra moisture to your skin.
Balms and oils pack so much nourishment, it’s always a good idea to use something that really gets that additional moisture in there. Even creamy cleansers are a good idea.

Don’t be afraid of oils, they are better for oily skin.

Avoid soap based cleansers, foaming cleansers or wipes as they can strip the skin.

A few good products are: Clinique take the day off cleansing balm, Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm, Shiseido perfect cleansing oil, Elemis nourishing omega rich cleansing oil, Shiseido creamy cleansing emulsion.


Exfoliating your skin is a must especially in winter. Keeping your skin soft, smooth and hydrated is the key.

Using balm based exfoliators and avoiding soap based is the trick to keeping wonderfully radiant skin in winter.

As your skin tends to dry out more, this can cause a build up of dead skin. I always exfoliate a little more than usual just to keep my skin looking at it’s best.

A few good products are: Clarins gentle refining exfoliating cream, Clinique 7 day scrub cream, Clarisonic using a cream cleanser.

Face Masks

In winter I tend to avoid clay masks as they can be quite drying, again I go for balm or cream type masks that moisturise as well as nourish.

I do once a month use a clay based mask, but I also use a balm afterwards to rehydrate my skin.

An over night mask is essential, even if used once a month as it works through the night to give you super soft skin.

A few products I love are: Clinique Moisture surge melting mask balm, Lancome Hydra Zen night masque,Kiehls Ultra Facial overnight hydrating mask, Kiehls Ultra Facial Mask, Dior Hydralife Jelly sleeping mask, Lancome Hydra intense.

Facial oils/Serums/Balms

Keeping a gorgeous complexion does depend on what you have on under your moisturiser. This acts as a barrier to the elements, pollution and make up.

Winter should be more oil or balm based and keeping in line with the rest of the products.

If you have a good serum, balm or oil you can pop on any moisturiser as you have the foundation set up for good skin with this type of product.

I avoid mattefying products in winter as it can make my skin look super dry.

A few top products I adore: Kiehls midnight recovery concentrate, Kiehls daily reviving concentrate, Decleor Aromessence (any is fab), Perricone MD Re:Firm, Origins Night-A-Mins skin renewing oil


A very important product that is must needed to ensure you have a wonderful complexion.

I tend to do a light moisturiser in the day and a heavier one at night.

As long as you get the above right, you can really use any but I do have special winter products I can not live without.

Examples are: Kiehls Ultra Facial cream, Clinique Moisture surge, Lancome Hydra Zen (any), Clinique moisture surge intense, Clarins multi-active night cream.

Eye Cream

Winter tends to make my eye area very dry so I do tend to switch my eye products for winter.

Richer, oily products are more used during winter.

Sometimes I use a serum and a cream so here is a few I love:

Kiehls creamy eye treatment, Clinique all about the eyes, Decleor aurabsolu intense glow for eyes, Lancome Hydra zen neurocalm for eyes.

Final thoughts

Switching from gel, soap, thin based products to balms, creams and oils will ensure your skin is nourished, replenished and looking fabulous.

I do have a winter skincare range and summer skincare range.
Summer tends to be more lighter products where winter it’s specifically for dry skin.

Oils on oily skin is honestly the best way to beat oily skin, it will reduce oil production on the face.

Keeping the dryness at bay is a must in winter. So keep in mind what you purchase.

Have you got a separate skincare routine for winter?

*This is a collaboration post.


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