Clothing Comforts With Medical Conditions

I admit that I seek comfortable clothing because everything I seem to wear causes pain in some form. For example normal bra’s tend to dig into me so I opt for more comfortable styles of bra’s that do not cause discomfort.

Jeans are another example – I wear tight jeans which can cause a lot of pain for me, I can only wear them a period of time before I have to take them off and opt for something comfy.

It got me thinking about comfortable clothing with medical conditions. What kinds of clothing I tend to wear and why.


So of course – the top half! I started wearing a lot of loose clothing and I am always found wearing a t-shirt. I don’t wear anything tight or restrictive.

99% of my tops tend to be a form of t-shirt that is soft against my skin and does not cause any pressure on my body.

I also wear cardigans and hoodies all the time. Occasionally a jumper but nothing that is tight or again restrictive.

I avoid a lot of tight fitting clothing. The pressure can cause a lot of unnecessary pain for me.


Okay have a chuckle I said ‘bottom’.

Pants I am generally sporting joggers. They are soft, not tight and found them very comfortable to work in, As I work very long hours sitting in pants or jeans can cause pain so to avoid this I tend to wear something soft and comfortable. Primark have a huge range of comfortable joggers for cheap. Also go a size larger.

If I have to wear something to go out in, I opt for linen pants that have a waistband that stretches so there is no pressure when sitting down.

Leggings are something I commonly wear but go a size larger so they are not tight on my skin but fit perfectly.

I do love my jeans but found they can be quite painful to wear so try to avoid them when I can.

I have jogger style shorts too for around the house in summer and also wear denim shorts with leggings but go a size larger so they are not too tight. Again I only wear these for a short period of time.


I tend to wear more flowing dresses that are not restrictive but cover my legs. If I choose a shorter dress then it is usually a tea style dress and match with a pair of leggings.

On very hot days of course I would want to be wearing a dress but have to make sure it is a flowing dress and not tight on me.

I quite like maxi dresses for this reason.


My biggest issue is underwear.

For example I tend to wear short style underwear as they are more comfortable and don’t dig into my skin when I am sat down. If I wear normal briefs, thongs or a Brazilian style they tend to cut into my skin.

It’s not a case of weight causing this, I am very petite. I just find when sitting for long periods of time they cut into me. So choosing short style ones provide the comfort I need and no digging into my skin at all.

I started hunting for new bras that are pain free. Most women know how uncomfortable bras are usually so I started looking at seamless and wireless bras that keep me perky but at the same time provide maximum comfort.
Knix have a range of colours and sizes to choose from and they are perfect for anyone who has issues with painful bras.


Shoes are very important for me. I have particular styles of shoes I prefer to wear like pumps (converse etc) and even hitop trainers.

They are comfortable, don’t rub on my skin or cause and pressure issues with my feet.

Although as I work from home I admit I spend most of my days in slippers. However when I venture out this is when I tend to wear a pair of Converse or Adidas hitops or superstars.

I also have cheap pumps I bought from M&M or Sports Direct. These are just perfect if I have to go shopping as they are comfortable.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to go shopping I do suggest trying clothes on and making sure they fit firstly. Ill fitting clothing can cause problems especially if it is too tight.

So what if you have to wear joggers, match them with a nice pair of trainers, t-shirt and cardigan and you are set.

It’s not always about being fashionable as lets face it most of the fashion is uncomfortable for us.

Make the most of your wardrobe and ensure you are comfortable at all times. Believe it – it helps!

*This is a collaboration post.

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