Tips On Becoming A Parent Blogger

Blogging is something many enjoy, from sharing tales of fun and woes to reviewing the next top product about to launch. It comes with many highlights and then many tales of stress. So thought I would write my own tips on becoming a parent blogger.

Tips To Become A Parent Blogger

Where do I start?

The first thing you need to consider before jumping into blogging is where you are going to blog.
Will you sign up to a host have have your own vanity URL or simply stick with free WordPress or Blogger.
YouTube has many tutorials on how to set up a blog whether you choose the free or paid option.

The one thing I do recommend with either way is getting your own domain name. The first year or so is really cheap and you can work on your back links. You don’t have to be self hosted – this can come later. But work on your bank links first and the rest comes naturally.
This will also help with gaining opportunities later on as PR/SEO tend to look for good stats.

What is my niche?

You got it – you need a niche. Well not everyone needs one but it helps make your blog more focused and show the world who you are.

Me for example – mine is beauty and lifestyle. I write about all sorts and I am a little scatterbrained. But this is fine as that is me – that is my niche!

Maybe you have a particular photograph style that you want to focus on – or simply being brutally honest and saying when something really is crap.

Do you want to talk about the first years or maybe you want the entire childhood.

Are you reviewing items or talking about your trials and tribulations as a parent. Sharing your funny stories and venting on those incredibly hard days we get as a parent.

Learning to make good content

When I first started blogging I admit that my contact was crap. I am not joking – some of it was awful.

I wish I had read blogs and found myself some do’s and don’t about blogging as back then I thought I was doing a good job when in honesty – this was not the case.

I wish I had learnt more about blogging and how to make capturing content like I do now – I may have come further in a shorter space in time than the length of time it has taken me to gain readers and work with brands.

Eye catching posts are worth their weight in gold.

For example – How to handle your child getting into trouble at school.

Or even – Tips for when your child starts school

And finally – How to involve children at a wedding

People google all sorts of things and it is thinking about every day things someone would google. Even looking on google and you can find masses of things. You need your post to flourish so make sure it is catchy and has a good title.

Learn about marketing and social media

I fail at social media. You ask me and I will tell you honestly. I despise it.
I wish I had learnt the ropes a long time ago and might have enjoyed using social media more other than bang – here is a link to my blog.

I am terrible at interaction and something I am doing right now is learning how to use social media effectively to promote my blog without looking like a spammer.

When looking into becoming a parent blogger there is so much to learn and social media can be the last thing on your mind. Social media is extremely powerful and recommend looking there first.

Websites that dedicate on marketing are always a good source for valuable information like Content Mother.

I found quite a few websites directed at content marketing tips that divulge so many things you would never even consider.

Pictures are necessary

Whether you create your own photographs or use online sources for your pictures – make sure you have at least one.

  1. They are catchy. Many see pictures and think ‘wow – this looks good, appealing or fun’
  2. Breaks up the text. No one likes to read a huge paragraph without something bright to breaks up the reading.
  3. Shows personalty. Like me – if you prat about a lot you like to show the world your humour. Your love, your devotion. It;s a great way to get feeling out there as well as showing off a product and how much fun it was to use or eat.

You can create your own – you don’t even need to be a pro at photoshop either. There are many websites out there where you can edit pictures for free.

Again there is many websites that have free to use content however always make sure this company is reliable and they own the pictures as you could land in some hot water.

Be you, be honest, be true!

I couldn’t think of anything as important as this – being yourself brings so much personality to your content.

Don’t read a blog and think ‘Okay – this is how I need to be’ as you will find it incredibly hard to keep up this appearance and in the long run  you may change your mind and start to hate it.

Best advice I ever got was ‘Be yourself!’

People prefer honesty. When I got something that was utter crap – I wrote about it. I explained obviously doesn’t make me think negatively about the brand but that one thing was just utter trash. Companies like feedback in a constructive way. Others hate it.

But be honest with your writing.

Build your content before going live

I never did this – well I had no idea. I just jumped straight in and started writing but really I wish I had some good content before going live and could work on even better content.

I blog at the last minute. I think ‘Right – review this today, do that next week’ and end up feeling like it’s a bit much at times because I planned nothing.

If I started all over again – the first thing I would do is write a good few posts to go live so I can work on other content.

Giving yourself some time to establish yourself as your content is going live religiously and catching the attention of other people.

Use social media and websites/YouTube for support

There are many Facebook groups, Twitter discussions, YouTube videos and websites that have a wide variety of content when starting up a blog.

When I started my first blog – no one really did this so there was not a lot out there and as time went on I started to learn more and more about blogging in general.

Use these places and soak up as much information as possible.

Learn about blogging, writing, marketing, social media. Take advantage of the free things out there and keep building your knowledge as you progress.

Never be scared to ask a question. There are many people offering advice – me included! Feel free to tweet/message/email I am more than happy to assist.

Plan, plan, plan!

A lot of people like to plan their posts – they have diaries and all sorts to say when a post is being written, going live, photography and everything you can imagine.

However I never did this and would be awful at sticking to my own deadlines.

Deadlines are important as it keeps you going throughout your blogging career. Something I wish I started and stuck to.

But oh no – not me – I got into a funk and now can’t get out of it.

Sometimes you have deadlines for when a post is needed by or a review. I do stick to these however I seem to do them last minute and later on I start editing and thinking of changing a lot as I am simply not happy.

I do go back and edit my posts sometimes as inspiration comes at random hours and think ‘Yes – I forgot this’

Planning can make sure you have everything noted ready for your post and give yourself some time to keep going over it to see if anything needs changing or adding.

A lot of people have strict deadlines and plans for their posts. This gives people time to really think about it.

I do recommend getting a big planner so you can write notes on posts. For example you review something and you want to point out something – you have somewhere to do this.

Enjoy blogging!

The most important part is to enjoy blogging. Don’t make it a chore and take regular breaks from blogging.

At times it can be hard or stressful so take some ‘me’ time and enjoy yourself.

Writing things you really care about and don’t get stuck doing things you hate as eventually you will lose the love of blogging and it may seem more menial and you lose sight of why you first started blogging.

Final thoughts

Just be you, only do things you really enjoy doing and you can have a happy career in blogging.

It is hard working but make it also rewarding.

Learn as much as you can – Google everything! Watch YouTube videos for information and tips.

Blogging can be fun.

Enjoy your journey as a parent blogger and prosper in a beautiful – unique blog!

*This is a collaboration post.

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