Sleek MakeUp Lifeproof Foundation

Sleek LifeProof Foundation

Admittedly, I have the same foundations that I use continuously. I can’t help it, I am scared to try new foundations because in the past I have spent loads and used once, hated then left in a dark corner of my drawers. Then I got the chance to try Sleek MakeUp Lifeproof Foundation.

Honestly, I am not sure if I would have reached for this before. I wasn’t actually aware that Sleek did a range of foundation either.
I had a quick google and saw there is quite a range of colours, which I really like. My skin tone changes regular, winter I am literally see-through and by summer I have a glow (not natural)

I received 3 shades, LP01, LP02 and LP03.
All 3 are perfect for days where I am pale, normal and a little sun kissed if I use a light coloured tan.

I really enjoy the packaging, it’s matte and in a squeezy tube so you can get every single drop out of this.
Sometimes I prefer these types of tubes as I can cut the bottom off, stick my brush in and get the last bits. Feels like I am saving money instead of throwing a tube with some left in.

One quick squeeze dispenses enough product to cover my face.

It’s a medium-thick consistency, you can apply this as a medium coverage or go a little heavier for a heavy coverage.
I opt for medium as it doesn’t feel caked on and covers super well. All redness, spider veins and even moles were covered.

The oil-free formula meant it stayed on all day without that awful slick I get sometimes.
It has a slight matte effect and didn’t need to use powder over the top.

Application is easy, I preferred using my beauty blender as I find everything streaks with brushes. I just don’t have the art down with a brush yet.

It creates a natural look and you can go with a medium coverage or apply heavier for a more heavy coverage.

No streaks or patches and didn’t cling to dry patches either. Covered all blemishes very well.

It’s a nice, comfortable wear.

Sleek MakeUp Lifeproof Foundation After A Week

It’s now been a week of trying this wonderful foundation, I can’t believe just how much I am enjoying using it.

I do like to give a products quite a few tries before I leave my final impression.

Wear wise, I could go all day with no touching up, no powder and no oil slick on my face!
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I struggle with my t-zone and my make up can glide off after a few hours. Especially if I am out or in a warm place.

My skin did not feel heavy, weighed down with product and it felt super light on my skin. It’s certainly breathable.

I had absolutely no breakouts from using the Sleek MakeUp Lifeproof Foundation.

I was elated that this product dis not clog up my pores or congest my skin either.

Unfortunately for me I do suffer a lot with congestion from foundation so tend to shy away from the heavier formulas. However this was not the case at all with the Sleek MakeUp Lifeproof Foundation.

Colour wise, I had 3 shades that match. Normally I struggle matching one shade. The range is quite good for shades and they did not oxidize on me either. Another problem I have.

I’m very pale normally so was worried at first about the lightest shade, but it’s spot on! Perfect for the ‘under the weather’ days when my skin is grey and ghastly. This is fair with cool pink undertones. This is perfect for giving me a hint of colour and drowning out the grey.

Next shade up is my more healthy looking day. When I have some colour to my skin. It’s matched beautifully. It’s fair with neutral undertones which is my perfect match.

The third though is me when I have a light tan on. I can also mix this with the first and get the second colour if I run out. It’s fair with yellow undertones and seems to help make my tan stand out more.

Such a brilliant range of shades, not many brands have 24 shades to suit a wide variety of complexions. Not only that, you can also get shade matched by clicking here.

Overall I am very impressed and intrigued to try more products from Sleek.

*This post contains PR samples

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