The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost

I detest the changes in weather. It drives me mad. My skin hates it and constantly likes to change and throw me into a panic searching for new skincare. So putting The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost to the test was right up my street.

How can I explain my skin? Well, like the weather. Temperamental!

I’ve seen this all over Instagram a while ago and I did admittedly need it right there and then.

So what is with this product? Well let me tell you…

Firstly this product contains hyaluronic acid and b5. Just what dry, dehydrated skin needs.

It’s a lightweight, gel that is non-greasy and you can use alone or under skincare or make up.

So what did I think? Well let me tell you.

The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost

I adore the packing so much. White box packaging with silver and blue. Looks quite wintry.

Inside is a white plastic tube that squeezes for easy use.

I like how easy it is to dispense the product.

Now, the gel right?

The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost is a clear, scentless gel and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy.

Not really much scent going on. Doesn’t smell of anything in particular I guess. Good if you want perfume free.

I massaged into my skin and it absorbed super fast. Literally within seconds.

It’s first gel like but as it warms up, the consistency changes to more like water. It’s very water like which I love about it.

There is no product roll off which makes the perfect base for foundation.

No stickiness or oily feeling. My skin feels really matte however there is no tightnessor dryness either.

My skin feels so smooth and soft. Which surprised me as I expected my skin to feel either tacky or slick. This was not the case.

When I have a tight skin day, I could feel the tightness instantly go. I could move freely and skin felt so comfortable!

The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost is so amazing as a primer. I am not joking either.

When applying my foundation, it looked absolutely flawless. It smoothed my skin out and filled my pores so I didn’t have foundation sitting in my pores.

Also it kept every foundation in place, even ones that slick off during the day. Nothing budged.

One Week Later


After a week of use, my skin was hydrated. Any spots of dryness were permanently gone. My skin was looking and feeling so much healthier.

I had no breakouts.

I couldn’t believe how comfortable this product really is. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised.

You only need a small blob so although it’s a small tube, it does last!

My skin is looking less paper like and I could see some areas were looking plump.

You could tell there is a difference with product.

Skin smoothed out, looked more healthy and it’s a perfect primer.

I would highly recommend this product and I tell you what, I am excited to try the rest of the range.

Have you seen The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost yet and tried it? How would a gel moisturiser take your fancy?

*This post contains PR samples

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