Neutrogena Visibly Clear Range Review

Changes in weather is a nightmare for my skin, I am certain my skin throws a big paddy and says ‘Hey, not keen on the weather so I am going to make your life hell’
I kid you not, this happens! So I decided to do my own Neutrogena Visibly Clear Range Review when I tried this for 2 moths, truly putting this range through it’s paces.

Neutrogena is a great brand, they have such an extensive collection of products but I have to admit I do use the same things and don’t tend to purchase the new ranges.
I really should and I certainly will.

Before you shop for these products, check to see if there are any Neutrogena coupon codes you can use that might save you some money.

I found these products are a great price, inexpensive and work really well in controlling my poor skin.
I thought the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Range Review would reach out to a vast range of people of all ages as this is really versatile and great for any age.

I was sent a few items and purchased another myself so I had the entire range to review.

I have the following products in my review:

Spot Proofing Daily Wash
Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub
Spot Proofing 2 in 1 Wash-Mask
Spot Proofing Purifying Toner
Spot Proofing Oil Free Moisturiser

The Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub I purchased myself and this absolutely compliments this set of products.

Living in my bathroom, these products are my staple morning routine at the moment. Coffee in one hand, massaging my moisturiser with the other. Yes, this is my life!

Time to crack on with the reviews!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Daily Wash

Morning rituals always start with a facial wash. I seem to feel much more cleansed when I have washed with a facial wash.
Occasionally they can be really stripping of your skin but this wasn’t the case with this facial wash.

Firstly the scent so clean. It’s an almost menthol, herbal scent with a bang of invigoration.
It’s perfect for waking you up and making you feel very refreshed.

It’s a clear gel but foams up very well, removing all impurities and giving you a deep down clean feeling.

It has a cooling feeling when using this, you can feel the menthol on your skin. Just makes it so perfect for the morning or if you are feeling sweaty or had a work out and need to cool down.

Cooling properties of the facial wash helped really well with angry spots on my face, reducing the redness and making them feel less inflamed.

My skin didn’t feel tight after use and the cooling feeling lingered for a while, I really enjoyed using this.

Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

Blackheads are a curse. I finally get rid of them after spending hours squeezing and using tools to get rid of them, but they always come back, especially on my chin and around the sides of my mouth.

I use spot treatments and all sorts to close my pores but they fill up in a couple of days. I can’t even blame make up this time as I don’t wear it much or for long periods of time.
I know right? What kind of beauty blogger doesn’t always wear make up? Well you will find quite a few.
I work from home so don’t have to dress up for work, I always wear it when I go out and on my days off, I spend hours doing new looks.

Anyway, back to the point.

A very gentle scrub that got rid of all the excess dead skin which can build up without regular exfoliation.
Although this product is gentle, it’s very powerful.

Pale pink beads adorn this creamy treatment, scrubbing away and leaving skin super smooth without any irritation.

This is great for sensitive skin too.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing 2 in 1 Wash-Mask

This mask is my life right now. No joke!

It’s a white creamy mask that dries and leaves a white coating on your face but is easy to remove with warm water or a wash cloth (My preferred method)

Again this has that same menthol like scent and feels so cooling and soothing on your skin.
I use this when I am throwing a slight fever (Can’t control my body temp) and feel great with it on.

If you have a red, angry spot, just dab this on the spot and leave for 30 mins and it will soon reduce redness and help with inflammation. Cooling the spot right away.

No tightness as it dries and found this also clears my skin so well.

I used this continually and found it has reduced the amount of outbreaks I get, but any I do get are reduced in size, inflammation and also redness.

It leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed. This is great for the mornings when I am not rushing.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Purifying Toner

Again this feels so cooling as you apply this, but it doesn’t last very long.

Perfect again for any redness or inflammation around your nasty little spots.

This does pull out more dirt than some of my cleansers, so leaves skin clear, clean and ready for moisturisation.

I found my skin isn’t tight either when I use this, it just feels nice and cool.
Again it has a menthol, but fresh scent. A little citrus like. It’s literally the perfect toner for mornings.

After a few weeks, I could see my skin was looking much clearer and smoother. I had a lot less breakouts which make me happy and any I did have quickly vanished.

This is not an aggressive toner so you can use it daily without any irritation.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Oil-Free Moisturiser

I have been hunting for a matte moisturiser for a while now, something that creates a great barrier for underneath my make up.
When I received this and saw it was oil free, I knew this would be matte.

Another product that worked well for existing spots, eliminating them faster, tackling the redness and inflammation. With the cooling feeling on your skin, this really did help with the pain of them.

I liked the protection barrier and matte feeling it left behind. My foundation adhered really well and kept it in place, better than most of my primers.
I found I didn’t get any breakouts after wearing make up so I now have a bottle of this in my beauty room as well as bedroom.

I have patches of redness on my face and found this really worked on reducing it, I also used it when I had issues with irritation and it soothed and calmed my skin within a couple of minutes.

My most used moisturiser in the morning as it’s so invigorating and awakening.

Final Thoughts of the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Range

The entire range is so cooling on my skin, I really liked how any redness, irritation and inflammation was relieved within minutes.

Over time, my skin became so much clearer and I was having less breakouts.
Any I had resolved in a coupe of days, quicker than usual.

It really is a great to defend against those pesky spots and helps stop those nasty breakouts.

This is my perfect morning routine.

*This contains both PR samples and items I purchased myself

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