September Degustabox 2017

I have welcomed September Degustabox 2017 with open arms as last month’s was a big success and I just couldn’t wait to get this beauty open!

Degustabox is a monthly food subscription service that delivers a wonderful array of foods, drinks and snacks straight to your door.
It’s a great way to try out new products and especially if you have a family, get them excited to try new things.
The subscription costs £12.99 per month and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 goodies.

Cracking deal – Get your first box for £5.99! Just use the code KBPTU


This box feels really heavy so I was curious about what is inside for us to try.

Well, this month is a mixed bag of products, from breakfast, snacks to a meal and even drinks.
There is no theme really, but the products of the month are Latin American. Interesting!

So I suppose, let’s dive in!


Cheerios are a regular occurrence in the breakfast routine, enjoyed by everyone.

We have never tried the oat crisp variety though.

I couldn’t really tell much difference to the original ones we buy, but these are better for you.
These are developed to help lower cholesterol which is always a good thing for anyone. High in fibre, low in saturated fat and has beta-glucan to help keep your heart healthy!

Oaty cheerios went down really well, the box was finished within a couple of days.

Dream Ancient Grains is another product that was in my box, with a blend of oat, spelt, buckwheat and linseed, this is a dairy alternative.

I have been changing my milk lately to alternatives as I have been having gastric issues. Looking for tasty alternatives can be hard, most taste yuck!

I quite like this alternative however, it’s not sweet. It doesn’t have that strange taste that some do and I found it was good in my coffee. Yes, that is most important to me!

There is quite a few different variations in the range so will be looking for more.


Baking, Yes! In September Degustabox 2017 box, wow there was an item for baking.
I am so excited!


So we have Green’s Egg Custard mix.

I love, LOVE egg custard but find it tastes really eggy, if that makes sense? Nothing like what you can buy in a shop.
So of course this was whipped out straight away and we made egg custards. Oh my word. They tasted like store bought! I was so happy that they did not have that eggy taste to them.

They completely made the perfect egg custard for me. Only I like these so I enjoyed them all to myself!

Rice & Noodles

One of the items I received was a Miso Tasty Ramen noodle kit.

I have never tried Ramen noodles before so this was a new one for me.

You get 2 noodle nests, 2 miso pastes and seaweed garnish. Simply pop the noodles in water, boiling away. Then make your miso and finally shove in whatever toppings you want.
I added chicken with mine. It was really lovely.

It’s like a noodle soup, you can add more water for a more brothy type soup if you like.

This is great for a quick snack.

Secondly I got Latin America Kitchen yellow rice by Santa Maria.

I really like the Santa Maria brand but never tried this range before.

It’s a plain yellow rice, perfect for their sauces which is coming next.

Random Food Items

Latin American Kitchen Peruvian Garlic & Tomato sauce, well this appears to compliment prawns, so due to a seafood allergy, I passed this over to my Grandad.
He did say it was so rich, tasty and would purchase again as well as trying the other items in the range.

He threw a load of tomatoes and added a touch of chilli for a kick.

Knorr Concentrated Stock in Beef. I already use Knorr stock and stock pots so I was excited to try the concentrated version in a bottle.

It sames so much room than having stocks and stock pots hanging around.

Now it really is a very rich stock and you don’t have to use much of this as you would expect.

Giving a natural beef flavouring, this complimented many meals very well. Including my spag bol!

Tuna from Wild planet is up next. Again, I have a seafood allergy so passed this over to my Grandad (He tries all sorts of foods for me)

He said he has never tried such tasty tuna before, well apart from fresh!
It went well in a couple of meals that he made and even used the juice as directed.

This is a product he liked and happy to try it again.

Sweets & Chocolate

The first products is Green and Blacks Velvet Edition dark chocolate.

I have used this quite a few times especially when making brownies as it gives the brownies some depth to them.
It’s very rich and smooth, I enjoy using it in a lot of different baking recipes.

I feel it breaks up milk chocolate and adds depth or a bit of a kick.

Mentos – Well says it all. Everyone loves mentos and they are a firm favourite in my house.

Although I have not seen this bag since opening, I assume my partner has taken this and hid it in his car.


Handy sharing (cough, who shared?) bag that is resealable and can eat on the go, keep in your handbag or car.


So you get to choose from alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages,

The alcoholic beverage is a bottle of San Miguel, however this is gluten free!

So for those of you out there that need gluten free diets, well you can now drink San Miguel. Cool huh?

My partner did try this, he said he didn’t notice much difference and would happily drink it.

Next we have 2 cans of Virtue sparkling energy water.

These come in 2 flavours, berries or lemon and lime.

I don’t drink energy drinks so my partner tasted these for me.
They are refreshing and cooling, these are great for hot days.

They gave him the energy kick like with energy drinks (he drinks loads) but they don’t have that sugar content or unnatural flavouring.
You couldn’t tell they were energy drinks.

Final Thoughts

This month is a mixed bag and quite a few things we could all try and even extend to the family. September Degustabox 2017 is just perfect to try some new items!

The subscription costs £12.99 per month and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 goodies.

Cracking deal – Get your first box for £5.99! Just use the code KBPTU

*This post contains PR samples

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