Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range

Just lately I have been changing my hair care to more organic, natural products and stopping the use of SLS and parabens. A range that came into my possession is Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range.

I received the Organic Shop Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range to review and see how this particular range of products fairs compared to the more luxurious ones I currently used.

Just as a side note – the items are an amazing £2.50 each and it’s not exactly small packaging either.
What an amazing price and I will be purchasing other ranges on my next Tesco shop – you will see why.

Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range

– About the Products

Each range has a shampoo, conditioner and matching hair mask. Now I use hair masks an awful lot but it’s not often you get a full range and at sch an amazing price also.

The company ‘Organic Shop‘ brought out an exclusive range for Tesco.

These products include the following:

Pomegranate & Patchouli – Invigorating, smoothness and perfection.

Raspberry & Acai – Volumising, strengthening and thickness

Honey & Avocado – Repairing, softness and vitality

Argan & Amla – Nourishing, strength and striking lustre

Coconut & Shea – Moisturising, softness and revival

This range has absolutely no hidden nasties in the products, no harmful microbeads and absolutely no SLS, parabens, mineral oils or GMO products.

Completely against animal testing (YES), recyclable packaging and an amazing environmentally friendly ethos.

Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range – The Review!

I will review each item separately but thought I would discuss the range as a whole.

Scent wise – this is such a powerful and vibrant scent. Now I admit I am not overly keen on patchouli however this was very faint but it gave the pomegranate scent something more. A depth to the scent and made it more vibrant and striking.

98% of the product is natural for the whole range.

The range contains a shampoo, conditioner and of course hair mask to match.

Each scent/hair type has the same range of products.

Both the shampoo and conditioner come in clear thin plastic bottles holding 280ml which is pretty good value for £2.50.

Both also have a black pump to pump out the product which makes my life easier for me as I struggle squeezing bottles.

The hair mask comes in a pot with a lid that is easy to take off and pop back on. Again this too is clear with a black lid.

They are shower friendly due to the pumps and easy access. Also friendly to those that like me have issues squeezing bottles.

Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range – Shampoo

I tested the pomegranate and patchouli shampoo alone, with the conditioner and finally with the hair mask.

I just had to see how this shampoo performed alone as sometimes I do wash my hair with shampoo alone and use an oil on the ends.

It’s a general gel based runny consistency and 2 pumps gives you enough to wash your entire hair (if long like mine) or one for shorter styles.

No colour at all to this – it is clear.

Let’s discuss the scent more. I really do believe this is a really unique scent – I have never had anything that had a similar scent profile ever.

The scent is pomegranate with a hint of patchouli but the patchouli is not overpowering which I did think would be the case.

It is unusual but quite nice and soothing. This scent is certainly more of the relaxing scents.

Admittedly this lathers super well, I felt my hair was really clean with one wash so I could ditch my usual 2 washes.

Rinsing out is really easy. Couple of minutes and my hair is clean.

What I really liked about this shampoo is how there was no residue left on my hair at all with the shampoo – it is super squeaky clean.

Once dried – my hair is soft, silky and has some shine to it. Also there is a wonderful smoothness to my hair and no fly away hair which surprised me with the shampoo.

Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range – Conditioner

I only ever apply conditioner to the ends of my hair as I tend to get quite greasy roots. So of course I did have to try both on ends of my hair and the top to see whether this made my hair greasy or not.

Applying to the top of my hair did not make my hair greasy which I was quite surprised about.

Pomegranate and patchouli conditioner is a thick consistency and applies really well to the hair.

Again it is the same scent as the shampoo – the whole range is the same scent.

Now application was easy, it smoothed over my hair so well. I left it a couple of minutes and rinsed out.

What I really enjoy about this conditioner is how there was absolutely no residue left on my hair.
Usually I have a lot of residue left behind but this is not the case. This will be due to the lack of SLS and parabens in the products.

I even tried this on the roots and was so impressed this did not make my hair appear greasy like usual shampoo and conditioners do.

When using conditioners full of fillers it seems to cling to my hair but my hair was super clean after using this and helped so much with smoothing, softening and making my hair look shiny.

After I dried my hair it was smooth, I do have hairs that stick up as my hair is growing back however it was all smoothed down.
I also found there was no static with my hair either.

My hair can feel quite coarse and after using this for a month my fine hair was soft, smooth and I had a shine to my hair I have never had before. This Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range is looking great!

Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range – Hair Mask

Hair masks I have to use regularly as it keeps my hair soft, smooth and shiny. However I started noticing with some that the more I used them – the worse my hair was getting.

I started getting dry, coarse hair and it just wasn’t looking good at all.

To start off with I was using the pomegranate and patchouli hair mask twice a week at first as my hair was in need of some serious hydration.

Again this has the same scent of the rest of the products and has a thicker consistency than the conditioner.

Very easy to apply and I left this on for a good 10-20 minutes each time.

Rinsed out with ease which makes my life easier. Although I have to admit there was no residue left on afterwards which a lot of hair masks can do.

Once I had dried my hair I couldn’t believe just how smooth it was, I was so surprised just how nourished and hydrated my hair was after one use.

The more I use this hair mask the more hydration I have. Finally I can dry my hair and it is not frizzy at all.

I also started to get some volume in my hair which I was surprised about.
I did not expect any volume with these products but drying my hair normally it was not as flat as it usually is.

I am finally getting really healthy looking hair after using this mask all the time.

Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range – Final Thoughts

For this Organic Shop Tesco Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range the price is amazing, I mean you can pick the whole set up for less then £10 which is a fabulous saving.

What I really enjoyed was how my hair was looking after repeated use of this set of products.

Not only did I get soft, shiny hair that was as smooth as silk but I also had some volume to my super flat hair.

I enjoyed the beautiful scent also which was so calming.

I have to admit overall I was very impressed with the Organic Shop Pomegranate Patchouli Invigorating Range and will be looking to try out other ranges in the near future.

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