Make Yourself Feel Beautiful Again



We all have times in our lives when we don’t feel good enough. Maybe we feel as if our skin is breaking out in countless blemishes, or hair is lacking luster, or our smile just isn’t as wide as it used to be. The trick to making yourself feel beautiful once more is to make changes to your lifestyle and make extra time for yourself. Here are some ways to do it.


Brighten Your Smile


If you feel that your smile isn’t as white as it once was, you can invest in products to help whiten your teeth naturally at home. One way is to rub the inside of a banana skin on your teeth for a few minutes, leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. Another remedy is oil pulling- and involves you putting coconut oil in your mouth and swilling it for 5 minutes. Spit it out and rinse your mouth thoroughly to get rid of stains and plaque. You oral issues may run deeper than colour, and it may be that the shape of your teeth or smile is giving you confidence issues. At this point you can look into Digital Smile Design by Dr Fadi Yassmin.


Pamper Yourself


We all need to spend a small amount of time each week alone. It is essential for our mental health and allows us to reset our mind ready for the rest of the week ahead. Find a quite few hours one evening and run yourself a hot bubble bath with epsom salts and essential oils such as lavender for relaxation. You can then apply a face mask, hair mask and soak in the tub while drinking a glass of wine and reading your favourite book. Once you’re done. Wash your face and hair, add serum to your hair and let it air dry. You’ll feel clean, fresh and invigorated- ready to take on the world.


Paint Your Nails


It might seem like a small thing to do, but actually the act of painting your nails can make you instantly feel more feminine and polished (pardon the pun). Rather than looking down at chipped, plain nails you’ll be faced with beautifully glossy ones instead. A small thing like this can make a huge difference to how you feel.


Get Out And Exercise


You don’t need to hit the gym for 4 hours straight or go for a 10 mile run, but just getting your body moving can make a huge difference to the way you feel about yourself and your body. Yoga is a fantastic exercise which makes us feel more flexible, supple and strong as we hold poses for a certain length of time. And going out for a walk on a sunny day can make us feel energised and happy, which will in turn make us feel more beautiful inside and out. The simple calming nature of moving our bodies can make a massive difference to our body confidence and help clear our skin.

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