Saying ‘Back Off’ To Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are coming! A season for indulgence, family and togetherness. A big part of that indulgence is the food that comes with it. Starting with Thanksgiving, you’ve got around six weeks of family get togethers, parties with your co-workers and many evenings in the warmth with a hot chocolate. That’s a lot of indulgence! However, just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to add a size to your current jeans. You can easily enjoy the holidays without going into excess with your eating alcohol intake.

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Firstly, you don’t have to ‘diet’, per se. There are programs out there like Venus Factor, to control your weight leading up to the holidays. Starting as you mean to go on is a good way to be able to enjoy your time off with your family. The good thing about calorie counting and watching your weight in the lead up to the holidays, is that you can still enjoy holiday treats when the time comes. There are so many ways you can keep an eye on your holiday weight gain, so that you don’t go into the New Year feeling uncomfortable with your own body. We’ve got some of the best tips here for you!

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Move More. Avoid Christmas shopping online, and get out there! The best thing you can do in cold weather, is exercise. It keeps you warm, it gets your heartrate up and there is nothing better than wandering around the shops amid the twinkly lights and Christmas trees. If you keep moving, you can work off some of the calories and lose a little extra weight before the season begins.

Don’t Binge. It’s the hardest thing to tell someone when the supermarkets and stores are heaving with delicious treats, but not binging could be a big deal for your waistline. Have your usual foods, with all your usual fruits and veggies. Add a treat a day – something small for the evening so that when you curl up with that hot chocolate, you’ve a little treat to look forward to that goes with it.

Avoid Deprivation. The moment that you tell yourself you cannot have something, you’ll suddenly crave it so badly you’ll think you’re expecting! Don’t tell yourself you cannot have something: just keep things moderated so that you don’t overeat. Enjoy the mince pie and mulled wine, but just limit to one.

Liquid Calories Count. Alcohol is a big part of the festivities ahead, and if you aren’t careful you could find yourself consuming insane amounts of calories just in your festive drinks. Stick to one glass of wine and water while you’re out, and always opt for sparkling water instead of champagne fizz. Splash it with fresh fruit juice for a zing.

Socialize. When you go to a party, go for the people, not the buffet. The food doesn’t matter so much if you’re enjoying yourself with your friends.

The holidays are coming, and fast, and if you prepare yourself early enough you can ensure a New You won’t be required for the New Year.

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