Degustabox October 2017 – Halloween Edition

So here is Degustabox October 2017 – The Halloween Edition!

Degustabox is a monthly food subscription service that delivers a wonderful array of foods, drinks and snacks straight to your door.
It’s a great way to try out new products and especially if you have a family, get them excited to try new things.
The subscription costs £12.99 per month and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 goodies.

Cracking deal – Get your first box for £5.99! Just use the code KBPTU

Halloween came and gone, I was left with a huge box of sweets as we had not one ‘trick or treat’ which upset me a little this year.
Every year I buy a big box of sweets for the kids and end up giving away none.

Maybe if I didn’t bother, we would have those little knocks of the younger generation shouting ‘TRICK OR TREAT’.

Anyway, I digress!

This months box was actually really cool, again everything inside we enjoyed and even the kids got to try some new treats.

As usual, I will break down into sections.

The Treats!

Vimto Millions Gift Jar was the most argued over item in my box. Everyone wanted this so I had to hunt it down in stores so everyone had their own.

Everyone loves these delicious little balls of beautiful, but who knew they had a Vimto version? Well clearly not me!

Nuttvia Breadsticks SnackPack was another item everyone tried, it’s a beautiful chocolate and hazelnut spread with breadsticks. I ate these as a kid by another brand, but these are better for you and in my opinion, much nicer.
We have since looked to purchase these.

Michel et Augustin cookie. Well, I hid this but someone found it and ate it. I know who and it wasn’t one of my little ones.
This is a delicious cookie that melts in the middle, it’s truly wonderful. Another purchase on my list.

Pulsin Kids’ Fruity Oat Bars in orange and chocolate chip was enjoyed by my 3 year old. He really did enjoy eating this and asked for more. I tried a little and it is so delicious, very tasty and so good for you.

Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies were enjoyed by me and my partner, we had some fun with these. It’s black humour, just to my partners taste and he had a giggle at these.
We are looking to purchase these for New Year.

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs were super delicious.
I have recently been purchasing snacks like this, something different to your usual potato crisps.
I had the herb variety and they were so tasty. I have never had such a tasty crisp.
No one else liked these but me which I was happy to indulge on to myself.

Lastly we got to try the Pip’s real hot chocolate in the orange version. My partner is a big fan of hot chocolate and it was super easy to make. Heat milk and pop in. Voila!
It’s very delicious and tastes so real, not like the fake types you can get.
We will be buying more of these!

The Savouries

Kabuto Rice Noodles was something I couldn’t wait to try. I enjoy snacks like these for lunch so I tried it literally as soon as I received this box.
I got the Thai Chicken Curry version and oh my it was exactly like a fresh curry.
The lime gives it such a zesty kick, I couldn’t believe this is a real thing!
I am purchasing more varieties!

LoSalt was something I wanted to try with the kids. I have to eat a high sat diet but worry about my children having salt so I made a switch to the LoSalt for them and they didn’t know the difference.
Easy to use little pot and off we went.

Heinz No Sugar Hoops went down within 24 hours. The kids like hoops but we always buy the normal one.
Luckily for me they couldn’t tell the difference so will be switching to no added sugar variety from now on.

Lee Kum Kee sauce for tomato garlic prawns and honey garlic spare ribs was another item in my box.
I am allergic to seafood so gave this to my Grandad who made his own mini Chinese banquet and thoroughly enjoyed them.

We use Leee Kum Kee so I knew these would go down very well with him.

Cirio was completely new to me. I had the bulgar, quinoa and riso rosso. It was very filling, tastes delicious and I paired with grilled Chinese chicken and my own home made plum and hoi sin sauce.

Only I ate this, so made enough for lunch the next day.

The Drinks

No alcohol this month so I received 2 bottles of The Feel Good Drinks in strawberry and mint and also orange, mango and water.

I absolutely loved these especially the strawberry and mint, it was delicious and refreshing.
I’ve seen them but never tried them as I seem to get headaches from these types of drinks, however this was not the case with these.
I have since purchased these on my food shop!

Final Thoughts Of Degustabox October 2017

Another amazing box and really enjoyed every part of it, especially my family!

It’s a great way to try new snacks and foods and really opening our variety.

The subscription costs £12.99 per month and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 goodies.

Cracking deal – Get your first box for £5.99! Just use the code KBPTU

*This post contains PR samples

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