Lorex 1080p 8 Channel 1TB DVR 4 Camera CCTV Kit

We moved around 6 months ago to a quieter area but one thing we noticed what most of my neighbours have CCTV. My first thought was of course safety, I should be feeling more safe but then I wondered why? So I got the chance to put the Lorex 1080p 8 Channel 1TB DVR 4 Camera CCTV Kit to the test and I couldn’t say no.

This kit includes your 1TB DVR, 4 security cameras and also a remove for your DVR.
You need an internet connection to install and update your DVR.
There is also an option to upgrade to a 6TB DVR or add additional cameras.

We are now in an age where CCTV is vital, what a sad world we live in. At least we have these products to be safe.

Lorex 1080p 8 Channel 1TB DVR 4 Camera CCTV Kit Set Up

I have to admit, we did ask someone to install this for us because my partner didn’t have time with work and I am useless at wiring.
We wanted to make sure this was done properly so we did hire someone to wire this up. As we have this going around the home, I had to order some wire extensions for it.

The DVR I set up myself, connected to the internet and went through the easy to use manual for installation and set up.
It was very straight forward and I found I could set this up with ease.

Cameras are hardwired so could flick though using the remote.

They are large cameras so you can easily tell I have CCTV, this makes me feel a little safer.
I had one placed above my front door, side of the front of the house overlooking our car and finally one at the back covering my back garden and patio doors.

I only used 3 so I had a 4th as a spare. You just never know, good to have a back up in case one goes.

Lorex 1080p 8 Channel 1TB DVR 4 Camera CCTV Kit Review

Well, I have to admit, I was very surprised.

I expected grainy quality cameras but this was not the case.

Now for legal reasons, I could not include any photographs of my house or the camera in use because it would give away where I live. This is to protect me and my family.

I watched back the day and night footage.

The day footage is very clear, I could make out faces when people came to my door. Noise also wasn’t too bad, I could hear the rustle and beep of the courier when they arrived. It was funny to see them glaring at the CCTV camera as they came up the path.

The night footage was good, I could see faces but not as clear and the quality is good. I could see faces clearer coming up to my house so that was good I could get a good quality picture of someone’s face at night, regardless of the lighting conditions.

I could hear better at night than in the day, the traffic does make a difference to the clarity of the noise you can hear.

The cameras are quite large which I like as I would rather they were averted by the cameras than having them hidden and an attempt at a burglary was made.

The DVR is very easy to use, there is a remote that comes with it which is easy to flick through the different cameras and rewind the footage as required.

I also like that I can see the cameras through the app on my phone.

The app is very user friendly and could switch between the cameras. The app is FLIR Secure and it’s super easy to use.
I like how I could get push notifications of movement and can quickly check my cameras at the time. Luckily it was the neighbour’s cat.

You can choose the movement mode if you do not want recording all the time, I quite like this idea as I am in the house majority of the time so knowing it would only record when movement is detected is great. Although I do have many videos of cats. Wonderful!

I like the design of the cameras, I can conceal them in the arch of my front door so only vision of my path is recorded.

The DVR is so easy to use, once set up you are off recording.

I caught some interesting things that helped. One example, I had a parcel go missing, the courier signed for it and said I was not in and left at a neighbour’s house. I checked with neighbour’s and no one had the parcel. There was no address provided.
Checked my footage and the only person I had come up the path was the postman.
No van turned up or anything so I sent the footage to the courier company and explained this courier never arrived. Turns out the parcel got lost somewhere.

So it is great for security as well as incidents like this.

Overall I am impressed, I am sad I couldn’t show pictures of the cameras in action, however this would have given my address away as it’s an obvious place where I live.

I would have paid much more for this kit in all honesty, I think it is a bargain!

*This post contains PR samples

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