Major Problems Our Youth Are Facing Today

No matter what generation you were raised in, you know that kids always face those growing pains that make being a young person a bit trying, to say the least. Sometimes those problems are self-inflicted and other times they are a reflection of what is going on around them in society itself. It is no different today, with one exception. Many of the problems kids face today are much more serious than ever before in history and that’s why, as a society, we should take immediate action to rectify the situation.

1) An Increasingly Tense Political Environment

There doesn’t really seem to be any rhyme or reason to why so many college students are out there protesting the latest presidential election. After all, many of these kids are too young to remember living under any president than Obama and they have no clue about all the ‘under the table dealings’ Washington is prone to. They are out there on the streets rioting, many being seriously injured and it doesn’t seem like ‘rationally functioning’ adults are stepping up to diffuse the situation.

2) Being Raised in a Single Parent Household

This is an issue many people take exception to. It does not mean that a single parent will be any less loving or caring than a parent raising their children along with a spouse. The real problem stems from the fact that finances are not what they are when there are two paychecks in the home and also, there is no one to monitor teens when mom or dad are at work. Many times, two-parent households work alternate shifts so that someone is always at home with the kids.

3) Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse

No matter what state you live in, drug abuse is a problem and no matter what the statistics seem to indicate, it is a far worse problem than many imagine. A few years ago the National Institute on Drug Abuse released figures that drug abuse was leveling off in a state like Georgia, for example, but those figures have since changed. Not only is drug abuse on the rise in Georgia but there is a growing need for Georgia Drug Detox Atlanta based programs. Kids are dying at alarming rates and many times it is because street drugs have been cut or manufactured with substances that are many times more dangerous than the drug they are trying to buy.

Violence in Schools and on the Streets

Violence is also increasing at alarming rates, especially gang related violence. And, while sociologists aren’t in agreement as to why this is, the fact of the matter is that your teen takes his or her life in their hands whenever they venture out with their friends or walk through the door to their school.

While previous generations were susceptible to these same dangers, they were not nearly as prevalent as they are today and the severity of the issues were not as intense. These are only five of the major problems facing our youth today but they are serious enough to help you understand that, as an adult, it is up to you to make a difference in their lives. You may never get another chance, so take it now while you can.

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