Love Lula Beauty Box – September 2014

I entered a competition over on Love Lula Facebook and won a fantastic prize of this months beauty box.

I have heard a little about Love Lula and they fabulous boxes, even seen some reviews so I just couldn’t wait to get it open and see what goodies were inside.

Now for my review:
This just caught my eye, there is nothing like a natural box.
I have purchased several different boxes over the years and nothing has ever come close to this.
Firstly, You get more full size products than I have ever had in say, 3 months worth of boxes.
Even the samples are generous and this months I got 7 products.
4 out of the 7 products are full size, unbelievable huh? I am still gobsmacked.
All these products are natural and each one is amazing in it’s own little way.
Now, today is simply about the box, I will write about the products separately as I use them.
In the box this month, this is what I got:
Skin Blossom Facial Toner 150ml (Full Size)
Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum 30ml (Full Size)
Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm 15g (Sample – full size is 30g)
Bentley Organic Moisturising Hand Sanitizer 50ml (Full Size)
Essential Lip Care Lip Silk 4.5g (Full Size)
Pai Skincare Exfoliator and Day Cream 4ml each (Sample – Full size is 50ml each)
So there is a great range of products and I will go through each one with my first impressions.
I will later on review each one separately after more uses.

Skin Blossom – Facial Toner 
Perfect for all skin types to refresh, purify and condition skin.
Contains Witch Hazel to tighten and Aloe Vera to revive.
Made with 97% organic ingredients.
150 ml priced at £5.95
Purchase from Love Lula
My First Impression:
This is a completely new brand t me, I have never heard of Skin Blossom before.
It comes in a black plastic bottle with an easy to open lid.
There is no stopper or anything so the product goes straight on to the cotton wool pad.
The scent is really nice, it’s a natural, essential oil type scent, you can detect the many essential oils used in this wonderful toner.
It’s a very thin texture, almost like water and absorbs into the skin instantly leaving skin feeling nice and refreshed.
This is a product I am going to love using.

Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum
A rich and refined blend of Rosehip, Jojoba and Borage oils infused with Frankincense and Mandarin to feed skin and moisturise for total rejuvenation.
30ml priced at £13.25
Purchase from Love Lula
My First Impression:
I have heard of Balm Balm but never tried any of their products before so again, new to me.
I like how it has a dropper/pippette for the lid, this makes it easier to measure out the perfect amount of serum you need.
The scent is quite strong at first, but any product with essential oils is.
The rosehip is the strongest, it’s a gorgeous floral scent, however has a bitter edge at first that soon dissipates,
The texture is strange to me. It has the look of an oil however doesn’t feel like it when massaging into the skin.
It absorbs very quickly and leaves no residue.
I really like this serum, it will be a firm favourite in my collection.

Herbfarmacy – Mallow Beauty Balm

Fragrance-free, 100% organic
Face Balm that leaves skin silky smooth and protected.
Use day or night to soften lines or when skin needs extra nourishment.
30g Priced at £14.50
Purchase from Love Lula
My First Impression:
Herbfarmacy I have heard of and also tried this product, however I only got a small amount to test so I am very pleased I received a larger size, so I can get a longer use out of it and see how it fairs.
I use this both as a hot cloth cleanser (apply to face, leave to soak in and take off with a hot cloth) and also dabbed on dry patches, or covered whole face and let it sink in over night.
It comes in a small pot which is great for carrying around with you in your bag to use as an emergency sos balm.
It has a very faint fragrance, this is of the mallow. Such a pure and light fragrance, not quite marshmallow, slightly more herbal.
A definite like for me.

Bentley Organic – Moisturising Hand Sanitizer

The innovative British family brand making organic lifestyle choices accessible for all.
This alcohol-free Sanitiser is gentle, moisturising and hygienically clean.
50ml Priced at £3.65
Purchase from Love Lula
My First Impression:
Never heard of Bentley Organic, certainly going to look more into their products.
I have never used an organic or natural hand sanitiser before fo this I am very excited to have,
I always have sanitisers around, in my bags etc as I have a baby. But they always dry my hands out form the alcohol.
This however, is an alcohol free sanitiser and all natural, hopefully no more dry hands!
It foams up when you push down the pump and absorbs almost instantly into hands, leaving them feeling refreshed, clean and quite nourished.
My hands don’t feel as moisturised as using a hand cream, but they are far from dry and tight like other sanitisers do to me.
There is a very faint scent of essential oils, which I really like. I like a bit of scent on my hands.
Feels quite nice, very gentle and something I can be sure will not irritate my son if I use before changing.
Another favourite!

Essential Lip Care – Lip Silk

Tasty, organic care and protection for all weathers; offering nourishment and gloss in a convenient stick ideal for your handbag or travels.
4.5g Priced at £5.50
Purchase from Love Lula
My First Impression:

Hands up! Lip balm obsessive right over here *Waves*
I have lip balms everywhere and this is now my new found favourite.
It has an orange tint but applies to your lips as clear.
The scent, wow! it’s quite orange like, it’s refreshing and actually tastes amazing!
Every time I lick my lips, I love the taste so I am using quite a lot of this now.
It nourishes my lips so well, dryness is eliminated straight away and lips feel silkily soft! Even when you have those bits of dry skin that catch and hurt, yes, even those go soft.
It leaves a slight sheen to your lips, a little like a gloss without the stickiness as it’s literally so silky and smooth.
I am completely blown by it, best ever lip balm!

Pai Skincare – Kukui & Jojoba bead skin brightening exfoliator

Tasty, organic care and protection for all weathers; offering nourishment and gloss in a convenient stick ideal for your handbag or travels. 
50ml Priced at £20

Pai Skincare – Avocado & Jojoba hydrating day cream

Ultra-gentle, skin-softening and brightening Exfoliator and hydrating and replenishing vitamin-rich Day Cream.

For glowing, revitalised skin.
30ml Priced at £30

My First Impression:

I only received 4ml samples but to me this was enough to tell me that these are really good products.
I managed to get 3 uses out of the exfoliator and 6 uses out of the moisturiser.

The exfoliator is amazing, the beads feel quite soft against the skin but really does get rid of the dry skin and buffs it beautifully.
It has a slightly citrus type scent to it, but very light and refreshing.
My skin looked slightly more radiant after a few uses from just this cleanser alone, all dry patches were eliminated and skin felt amazing.
It left a slight coating on my face that kept it moisturised deep down.

The moisturiser is really thick and nourishing but it’s actually really light.
It absorbs really well and leaves skin feel soft, nourished and does not leave a coating on the face.
After a few uses, all dryness is eliminated and skin looks more brighter.

Overall Impression of the box:

I loved every single part of this box, there was not one product I did not like and I would repurchase these products again.
The prices are really great too so they are also affordable as well as being good to your skin and the environment.
Just reading about the products alone, makes you realise Love Lula really does think about you and your skin, not pumping full of chemicals and even great for vegetarians and vegans.
Bigger bonus!

I am excited for the next box, I actually can not wait!

You can find the Love Lula Box here
You can also purchase the products from Love Lula here

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