Love Lula Beauty Box – November 2014

Beauty boxes are hit and miss usually, but Love Lula Beauty Box is a constant hit. Especially their Beauty Box.

With gorgeous products that are ethical, natural and good for your skin, how could you go wrong?

The sizes are perfect, sample sizes are generous and every month there is something different.

This month is no exception.

Another Love Lula Beauty Box full of products that are amazing as ever.

There is also a code for 20% the brands in this months box, so keep an eye out!

This month I received 5 products this time, 2 full size, 2 generous samples and 1 smaller sample.

First off the collection as a whole:

Love Lula Beauty Box Barefoot SOS, Jason, Living Nature, Giovanni, Suti

A wonderful collection of products, shampoo, cleanser, face wash/ scrub, hand and body lotion then finally a hand cream.

All new brands to me apart from Jason, which I have tried before.

Love Lula Beauty Box Barefoot SOS, Jason, Living Nature, Giovanni, Suti

I will go through each product as listed on the card, then give my first impression on each product having tried them once.

Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream 25ml (Sample)

Love Lula Box Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream

The advanced formula provided a welcome relief to dry or sensitive skin.
Intensely rich and nourishing and suitable for those with eczema.

My First Impression:

I love how it is great for sensitive skin and gentle enough for skin conditions such as eczema, something which one of my children suffer from.

I am always on the look out to try new creams, especially sensitive ones that I can use on my children without the worry of a flair up.

It comes in an easy to squeeze tube which for me is fab because I have to rush when getting children ready, due to their frustrations of bath time. Being in the bath – Fun! Getting out – not so fun.

The scent is amazing, it’s so zingy and refreshing. I half expected it to have no scent, or a gentle scent but this is great!
Perfect for mornings too.
It has such a lovely bitter orange scent, but muted the tarteness of it by using shea butter and coca seed butter.

It has a medium-thick consistency but massages well into the skin.
It is super absorbent, absorbs within minutes of applying but leaves a very fine layer on top of the skin which nourishes and softens the skin.
Skin does not feel greasy, tacky or bogged down with product, instead it feels refreshed, nourished and more flexible (I used on my dry hands) and felt like the dryness had instantly gone.

A little also goes a long way so don’t over use.

This looks like it will be a great product and something I would love to purchase.

Available from Love Lula for 50ml for £10.50

Jason Brightening Apricot Wash 113g (Full size)

Love Lula Box Jason Apricot Scrubble Pure Natural Facial Wash & Scrub

A gentle soap-free foaming scrub to polish away impurities and remove male up leavng skin clean and comforable.
Mild enough to use every day.

My First Impression:

I have tried a couple of Jason products before, ones that were in previous beauty boxes and it is a brand I do really like.

I have however, never used a facial scrub and cleanser from Jason before so this is prefect for me to get more into the brand.

It comes in a squeezy tube, easy to get out as much prosuct as needed.

The scent is actually beautiful, it’s a very soft apricot scent, not strong at all.

The scrub feels quite sticky at first, but once wet it foams up slightly and is easy to massage over the skin.

It’s a beautifully scented, gentle scrub and isn’t harsh on the skin.

Buffs away dead cells and gives your skin a good clean. It also leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Another great product, one I will enjoy using.

Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo 60ml (Sample)

Love Lula Box Giovanni Smooth as Silk deep moisture shampoo

A luxurious formula to soothe dry and chemically processed hair, increase shine and deliver a finish that’s smooth as silk.

My First Impression:

Never heard of Giovanni before so this is totally new to me.

The bottle is quite lovely, very modern, easy to hold and looks nice.

The shampoo is a pearlescent white colour, very lovely and quite a thick shampoo.

Foams up really well and leaves hair clean, soft and moisturised. Actually no need for conditioner.

The scent is my favourite, it’s a very citrus like scent, more orange than anything but it isn’t a bitter scent, it’s really gentle yet invigorating. Perfect for mornings!

A beautiful shampoo I would love to purchase for mornings.

Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream 50ml (Full Size)

Love Lula Box Nourishing Hand Cream Manuka Honey

This rapidly absorbed hand treatment blends healing Manuka Honey and Larch Tree extract to repair chaffed hands and give extra protection from moisture loss.

My First Impression:

I love, love LOVE this hand cream! So much so, I have not stopped using it since.

I love the bottle, the shape is amazing, like a half circle, Easy to hold.

The scent reminds me of refreshers, I am not kidding… it is exactly like refreshers!

It’s a white cream that is quite thick and is so easy to massage into hands.
Super absorbent, it is absorbed within seconds and leaves hands beautifully soft.

With one use, my hands were so soft, I was shocked. Usually it takes a few days to get this kind of benefit, but straight away? Wow!

It’s a cream I will keep using over and over and it’s kicked my usual hand cream totally out of the ball park!

Suti Cleansing Balm (Sample)

Love Lula Box Suti Cleanse Balm

This handcrafted organic balm transforms into an uplifting oil on contact with the skin; part of Suti’s beautifully balanced range designed to nurture body, mind and spirit.

My First Impression:

Cleansing balms are a love of mine, when I get a new cleansing balm, I get excited.

This particular cleansing balm has a wonderful scent, it’s very strong with essential oils, it’s fresh and invigorating, perfect for mornings.

The product itself is grainy at first, then the grains melt onto the skin and leave skin feeling amazing.

It’s quite an oily balm so it sinks in straight away, lifting dirt and dry skin.

Easy to take off and leaves a very light film on the skin, leaving skin soft, fresh and clean.

Fabulous cleanser I would use again.

All in all, it’s another amazing Love Lula Beauty Box and a box I would be happy receiving continuously.

Also you can find Love Lula at their:


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