Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Dry Oil Body Polish

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Dry Oil Body Polish Packaging

Joan Collins has brought out a range of skincare for the body and one if the items I was sent to try is the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Dry Oil Body Polish.

Everything about this Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Dry Oil Body Polish screams indulgence, perfection and beauty.
From the packaging to the product – This is literally everything you need.

I do enjoy dry oils as I find they seem to work with my skin better, I can end up becoming annoyed when my skin is covered in a thick layer of oil.
I also find it’s not as well absorbing as a dry oil.

So you will see how I got on with the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Dry Oil Body Polish and how my journey was with this new product.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Dry Oil Body Polish

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Dry Oil Body Polish Grainy Textured Scrub

Packing wise, we are looking at a thick, glass jar with a black plastic lid. The lid is very easy to take off and it does keep the product fresh once opened.

I opened the jar and was not directly hit with a scent, which I like. Some days I prefer something subtle.
Scent wise, we do have a beautiful soft scent, you can smell the natural oils in this. A touch nutty, but there is something in there that makes this calming and relaxing. It also smells a little powdery, like a slightly floral powder.

The scent reminds me of something that my Gran wore when I was a child but I can’t for the life of me remember.

Now this is a pink Himalayan salt scrub with kiwi seeds, which makes a fine body polish with slightly bigger grains that buff away the dry patches.
The reason I was attracted to this was the pink Himalayan salt which is very good for your body. It’s full of good for you properties.

I like how good this feels on my skin, it’s not harsh or abrasive, but it really does scrub off the dead skin very well. It works much better if your skin is very damp.

The dry oil left a very thin film on my skin that absorbed really rapidly and left skin smooth and soft.

So what else I really like about this is the soft scent left on my skin. It is feels just as nourishing as it smells.

After a few weeks of use, my skin was so soft, smooth and there was no dry patches. It zapped any dryness with the dry oil and removed and traces with the scrub.

I could tell my skin started to look more radiant and there was a glow instead of my dry, papery looking skin.
The paper look was going by the first week of use.

This Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Dry Oil Body Polish really does nourish and stop my skin from looking and feeling dry.


So by 1 month, I could see a huge difference in my skin.

There is a nice glow, smoothness for days and I was in awe by the nourishment and moisturisation my skin got from this product alone.

You don’t need to use loads either so it does last a few months. The smallest bit goes a long way.

I have enjoyed using this and it has admittedly replaced my usual scrub.

*This post contains PR samples

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