Gemporia Amethyst Gemstone Candle Review

I love candles, I love anything to do with candles and I have a growing collection. But I don’t have many pretty candles. Sure, they smell amazing, but I wanted something that looks different. So when I got the chance to try a candle with a difference, I just had to make a Gemporia Amethyst Gemstone Candle Review.

Gemporia is a place where I do buy a lot of jewellery from, most of my jewellery came from there at some point.
It is good quality and wears so well.

I do wear a lot of silver jewellery and they do not tarnish, turn my finger green or any bad things that you can get when purchasing silver. It really is amazing quality. So of course, I expected a lot from the candles.

Anyway, I digress – let’s crack on with the Gemporia Amethyst Gemstone Candle Review.

Gemporia Amethyst Gemstone Candle Review

Let’s talk packaging – I like that it comes in a thick, cardboard box that keeps my candle safe. It’s matte white with Gemporia emblazoned on it in purple.

Then inside is a metallic purple, it’s very pretty indeed.

Then inside adorns the spectacular candle! Bright purple at the bottom fading to white. Frosted glass with ‘Amethyst’ on the front and an inscription on the back.

On top is a silver lid that has rubber inside to stop the glass from cracking during shipping.

Then we get to the inside of the candle!

It’s a white candle with a very strong scent, a small wick and of course quite a few small amethyst gems scattered around the top.

Scent is beautiful, it is lilac and rose but if I am honest I can barely detect the rose. It smells like a very creamy, vanilla like lilac.
Quite a strong scent but not as strong once the candle is lit.

I did end up taking the amethyst off and putting it on a decorative piece I have as I didn’t want to lose them in the wax when it was lit.

The candle is made from 100% soy wax, I do prefer soy wax if I am honest.

I love how this candle looks and smells. Once the candle is finished, I will use the remaining wax as a melt and use the glass for my brushes which I do an awful lot. I reuse my candle jars as pots for make up and all sorts. It’s decorative and would be a shame to waste it.

Final Thoughts of Gemporia Amethyst Gemstone Candle Review

So I was super impressed with this candle, the scent is so luxurious, heart warming and makes you feel utterly relaxed. The scent fits well with the theme and think it has to be the best candle I have tried so far.

I will be looking at their range and purchasing more in future as they would be perfect for me.

Gemporia really did this candle justice with the stones and scent, also how aesthetically pleasing to the eye it is also.

*This product was sent for me to try and see how I got on!

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